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National Trust expresses concern over runway

The National Trust has expressed concern over plans by British Airports Authority (BAA) to open a second runway in Stansted airport which could threaten an ancient forest.

Hatfield Forest in Essex is a unique environment, with hundreds of thousands of people visiting its preserved hunting landscape every year.

A second runway at Stansted, the group claims, would have a severe impact on the site due to the proximity of increased traffic flying over the forest.

A tranquil environment could be in danger of being transformed by the level of noise, with the further impact of climate change harming the fragile environment.

Jenny Hawley, policy officer for the National Trust in the east of England, said: “BAA’s plans for a second runway would spell disaster for Hatfield Forest. It would destroy the tranquillity of this ancient medieval forest and threaten its wealth of wildlife.”

The forest is home to a myriad of ancient trees and rare forest wildlife, such as moths and types of fungi.

Caravanners looking to visit the forest may wish to consider staying at sites near Colchester, such as Coopers Beach Holiday Park.