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Do you need caravan insurance?

How much did you pay for your touring caravan? The chances are, it represents a tidy sum – in terms of the money paid and the attachment you and your family now have towards it.

In short, you are likely to be seriously out of pocket and upset if your caravan was damaged and you were unable to repair it or lacked the funds to replace it.

Touring caravan insurance provides just that protection – giving you the peace of mind, and financial wherewithal to repair or replace your caravan if disaster strikes.

What to look for

If you agree that touring caravan insurance is the way of safeguarding an important investment and looking after such a source of pleasure for all those family holidays, what do you need to look for in the cover for your particular needs?

Bespoke cover

  • just as there are many different types of touring caravan, so there are many different types of insurance, and you want to be able to tailor the cover to meet your specific requirements;
  • the make and model of the caravan is important, of course, and specialist caravan insurance providers are likely to tell at a glance the kind of policies most likely to begin to meet your needs;
  • the age and value of the caravan also needs to be known – regarding the overall sum insured and the maximum settlement you may reach with the insurer in the event of a claim;
  • if you are buying new or nearly new, this may be an important consideration because many insurers offer replacement as new settlements if your caravan becomes a total write-off after an accident;
  • if it is older than the qualifying age, the settlement is likely to be based on your caravan’s estimated market value at the time;
  • at Cover4Caravans, in the event of a successful claim, we typically offer new for old replacement for tourers up to 5 years of age, no matter how many previous owners it has had; and
  • just as with your motor insurance, caravan insurers are also likely to take into account your postcode as a factor.

Legal issues

There is typically no legal requirement for caravan insurance – the motor insurance for the towing vehicle typically offers at least third-party cover for the trailer (but check the precise wording of your insurance policy). Suitable touring caravan insurance is essential, though, to cover the risks of accidental damage to your caravan.

When you are towing the caravan, it is important that you remain street legal. This means that the caravan must be kept in a roadworthy condition and that you comply with the manufacturer’s maximum load weights.

The latter information is carried on a plate usually attached to the sidewall of your caravan (although its exact location may vary from one manufacturer to another) and effectively serves as the equivalent of the caravan’s unique “VIN” number.

An article published in Practical Caravan on the 22nd of September 2017 explains how this plate carries two critical weight values – the caravan’s Mass in Running Order (MiRO) and its Maximum Technically Permitted Laden Mass (MTPLM).

These indicate the unladen weight of your caravan (MiRO) and the maximum permissible, fully laden weight respectively. The article emphasises the importance of knowing, understanding and complying with these weight limits to keep your caravan street legal.