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New M6 junction opens near Carlisle

A new look junction 44 on the M6 opened to traffic today, creating more efficient traffic flow within the historic city.

The £3.1 million scheme was carried out by the Highways Agency and Cumbria county council to create a link to the Carlisle northern development road.

Ziad El-Balbisi, Highways Agency project manager, said: “Upgrading the junction has been a big job and I am glad it has been completed on time thanks to the hard work of all those working on the project.

“It will help to ensure that traffic can flow smoothly in and out historic Carlisle.”

A bridge which carries the junction over the motorway was refurbished and the roundabout was widened, with traffic lights installed to ease traffic flow.

Clive Pickering, Cumbria county council’s corporate director for client services, said: “Junction 44 is now ready to feed into the Carlisle northern development route. We are still awaiting final confirmation for the scheme, but the fact that this work has been done sends a clear message to government that we are fully behind it.”

Caravanners looking to make use of the improved access may wish to visit Dandy Dinmont Caravan and Camping Park, which is just a few minutes away from the new junction.