Nifty caravan gadgets for 2018

Go on admit it – if you own a caravan, you’re as likely to be fascinated by the all the latest nifty gadgets as the next man or woman.

Each year sees the launch of a new crop of accessories and devices that many a caravanner regards as a gadget to die for. Some stand the test of time and prove their usefulness – or even indispensability – for many years to come; others might turn out to have been little more than a passing fad and brief flash in the pan.

So, here is our pick of the nifty caravan gadgets which appeared on the market in 2018 – if you missed any of them this glorious past summer, new, improved versions are almost certain to hit the stores next season.

BioLite Camping Lamp

The BioLite Camping Lamp is no ordinary torch – though it is that too. It also doubles as a lantern that can be used inside or outside your caravan, made into a string of fairy lights or provide a power-hub for re-charging any number of gadgets and devices via its USB plug.

The company also makes a range of solar-powered energy packs – designed to provide lighting and power in any emergency.

Portable solar panel

With their Nomad 7 solar panel, Goal Zero have produced a lightweight and ultra-portable power pack to delight even the most fiendishly nerdy electronic gadget freak.

The foldable system is designed to make the most of solar energy charging for your mobile phone – and a host of other electronic gadgets – even when sunlight is variable or unpredictable. There is even an inbuilt LED indicator to tell you the strength of prevailing solar conditions.

For ease of use, the Nomad 7 also comes with a detachable kickstand.

Portable washing “machines”

Few touring caravans are likely to have the space, design capacity or energy supply for an electric washing machine – but don’t despair, you can still keep your clothes washed and odour-free a more traditional way with the Laundreez washing kit.

The kit is no more than a space-saving collapsible bag into which you place your dirty clothes, fill up with water and washing powder, and gently swash around until they appear clean enough.

“Terracotta” tableware

The tableware you use when you go caravanning might have been chosen for its durability, unbreakability and lightness – but that inevitable plastic feel probably does little when it comes to conjuring up sophistication or fine-dining under a starry summer’s night.

Kampa may have come up with the ideal solution – melamine tableware that has all the light-weight durability you need, but which looks and feels every inch the genuine terracotta deal.

Klassic coffee

Just because you’re taking your holidays in a caravan doesn’t mean you have to forego that early-morning cup of freshly-brewed fine coffee.

The Cafflano Klassic range of all-in-one coffee makers is for the connoisseur.

Into just the one vertically-stacked gadget just add your favourite coffee beans and the ceramic grinder grinds them to your taste. Add water, and the coffee filters through an etched, stainless filter dripper, ready to pour from the machine itself – you can almost smell the aroma just from the description.