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Nine top tips on static caravan insurance

Here are a few things we think you may want to consider if you are looking for static caravan insurance:

1. don’t intentionally undervalue your contents – sometimes we hear stories of people trying to keep down their valuation of their contents in an effort to obtain relatively small reductions on their insurance premium. This might be a very false economy if you need to make a claim;

2. look for sites with supervision – this may not only help you keep down your insurance costs but also practically make you a little more relaxed about leaving your caravan;

3. think about reduced risk sites – caravan sites located on (e.g.) cliff-tops may benefit from spectacular views but they may also be higher risk in terms of things such as storm damage and erosion (and hence may increase your insurance premium);

4. don’t forget discounts – some policies may offer significant discounts on premium in return for what the insurance provider may consider to be responsible behaviours (including things such as perhaps fitting security locks etc);

5. consider joining a caravanning club – that may not only also qualify for an caravan insurance discount but it may open up a new world of useful tips, advice and guidance for you;

6. don’t accidentally invalidate your cover – static caravan insurance policies may require you to take certain actions in certain situations, including draining down water systems during the winter season. Failing to follow these requirements may put your cover at risk;

7. don’t move permanently into your static caravan – at least not without consulting your insurance provider, the site owner and the local authorities, as this type of cover typically presumes that your caravan will only be occupied for a few weeks each year for holiday purposes;

8. if necessary, stand up to the site owners on insurance – some site owners may try to persuade you that it is obligatory to purchase their insurance whereas in fact, it may be more cost-effective for you to purchase your insurance directly elsewhere;

9. finally, don’t hesitate to ask us for help – we have vast experience in caravan insurance and in all probability will have seen your situation previously. We may well be able to offer you some useful insights and options for going forward.