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Orders flooding in for static caravan float

A firm that manufactures floatation devices for static caravans has told the Daily Post that it has received a record number of orders for its products recently, due to the British weather.

While static caravan insurance can offer financial protection if your holiday home does flood, it seems that caravanners are erring on the side of caution in case the rain persists throughout September.

Marche Industries, on the Welsh borders between Welshpool and Shrewsbury, says that it has take around 1,000 orders for the flotation devices from caravanners based in flood-prone areas.

Caravan parks in Worcestershire and Gloucestershire suffered severe flooding earlier this summer and as a result, the deluge of orders means that the manufacturers have had to draft in four extra workers.

Company director Karen Hunt said she expects even more orders in the coming weeks as caravan insurance assessments on the flooded caravan parks are finalised.

Ms Hunt explained: “Whereas we were fitting one or two on parks in the past, we are now receiving multiple orders from parks in Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire. For example, one park in Stratford upon Avon has ordered 250 and another in Evesham has ordered 350.”

The flotation device fits underneath a static caravan, turning giving it boat-like buoyancy in water and costs around £3,000.

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