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Pimp your static home

Is your holiday home beginning to look a little tired and worn around the edges? It’s probably not the most comforting sight you want to greet you when you arrive for your next weekend or holiday away from the stresses and strains of your workaday life.

Fortunately, therefore, it’s good to know that there are many ways you might be able to spruce up and generally pimp your static home.

General principles

The static caravan that makes your home away from home is unlikely to be anything as large as the place in which you live. Therefore, you can forget about those major building works to create an extension or loft conversion and narrow your sights to more modest changes – by thinking small, you might be able to make the biggest and most eye-catching changes in creating a second home that looks brand new.

Although the changes you make might seem relatively small and generally inexpensive when taken one at a time, however, the overall expenditure and effect may be to significantly increase the value of your static caravan.

When pimping is done, therefore, make sure to contact us here at Cover4Caravans to consider a re-valuation of the sum insured amount for your holiday home.

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the ways you might spruce up your static caravan.

See for yourself

Of course you want to put your own individual touches and character to any improvements and modifications to your caravan, but that doesn’t mean you are unable to take a leaf or two from other owners’ books.

Take a look around, therefore, and pay closer attention to what seems to work and what might be best avoided as far as your own project is concerned. If any lessons have already been learned by your neighbours, there is no point in your repeating any of their costly mistakes.

Going it alone

Some modifications and improvements you might be able to take on yourself, but there may be other elements on which a more professional input might be helpful. In other words, don’t be afraid to ask for that help. It might be a question of knowing your own limits, therefore.

There are plenty of companies skilled in the maintenance and repair of static caravans, many of which are listed in the online edition of Park Home and Holiday Caravan.

Even for those jobs you may be taking on yourself, suppliers such as these may be useful sources for ideas, tips and suggestions.

First appearances

It is the exterior of your caravan of course which is the face presented for the world to see.

Across your holiday park you are likely to see identically built holiday homes of a similar appearance, largely down to the fact that the majority of them have an aluminium exterior.

It is relatively easy to reclad your static home in vinyl, however, to completely transform its general appearance – as well as increasing its insulation and weather-proofing.

Recladding might have served only to highlight the generally poor state of repair and dated look of your doors and windows. Although these might of course be replaced – to highlight the makeover – it is a job that you might want to leave to the professionals.

On the inside

It is inside your holiday home that some of the most exciting challenges might be faced and the biggest changes made to reviving the look and feel of the place.

It is in the very nature of a static caravan and the way that it was designed and built that it comes with mainly fitted equipment, furniture and units. Replacing these need not prove too expensive a project, however, and new kitchen cupboards and work surfaces are likely to create an immediate change in the interior environment.

Because of the relatively smaller interior of a static caravan, the flooring and passageways tend to take heavier than normal traffic, with the result that they more quickly appear tired and worn

New flooring – using lino, carpets or modern laminates – may transform the appearance and give fresh life underfoot. It is a job that is unlikely to be beyond the means of a reasonably competent DIY enthusiast.

Soft furnishings – from curtains, to cushions, furniture and upholstery – provide probably the fertile ground for pimping your holiday home. New textures, fabrics and colours may be used imaginatively and creatively to produce an entirely new look inside the caravan. In many instances, quite dramatic makeovers may be made with very little effort or expenditure, yet create a brand new, eye-catching and homely feel to the whole of the interior.