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Quick tips on buying a second hand static caravan

If you are considering buying a static caravan for the first time, then there are lots of things you need to think about.  Here we share some tips on things that you may wish to consider but which are sometimes overlooked in the excitement of selecting the caravan itself!

Choose your site carefully

Your static caravan might be equipped to superstar levels but if it is in a location that is unsuitable for you, there’s a fair chance you are not going to be happy.

This isn’t just a question of trying to avoid sites that overlook that nuclear waste reprocessing facility – sadly it is a little subtler than that!

How far away is the site?

How far is the static caravan from your home? If you are planning on using your static caravan for quick weekends away, you probably won’t want to spend too long in a car getting there. So, check out the route and do a few trial runs at different times, to see how long the journey really takes.

Where is the home on the site?

Is the static caravan in a permanently shaded woodland area? This may be great for hot days, but a bit depressing if it is miserable out.

Is the caravan close to or far from the site’s amenities? This is an important one – if you like being close to everything, you probably won’t want to be at the far end of the site. Similarly, if you are looking for peace and quiet, you may wish to be away from the main activities in a more secluded spot.

Rivers and flooding

A site may be beautifully located but if, for example, you have very young children and there is an open river location, you may find that you spend more of your time worrying and fretting over their safety than enjoying your caravan and surroundings.

Remember that the river or nearby sea may not always be inclined to stay where they’re meant to be – and that may result in disaster for you. Before investing in a static home, check with the environmental agencies to see if your site is prone to flooding.

Who will be using the static home?

Are you planning to use the static home purely for friends and family, or are you thinking about letting it out to holidaymakers? These are two very different scenarios – if the former, then you may be more flexible in where you choose to invest in a static home. If the latter, you may have to think about making sure the site is attractive to holidaymakers, so you may need to think about the location and on-site services differently.

Think about the future

Your caravan and its location may be ideal today but remember to consider:

• do you have any plans to start/expand your family;

• those fields directly adjacent to your caravan may be beautiful today but do you know whether or not there are any planning applications going through the system?

Remember your ownership costs

Massively depleting your financial reserves to buy the best caravan you can afford might seem like a good idea but do keep in mind that caravans cost money to maintain from the basic costs such as static caravan insurance, and site fees right up to ongoing maintenance.

It might be advisable to keep some cash reserves to cope with this and any unexpected issues that may arise.

Know your site obligations

A caravan site typically has a set of rules and regulations that should be made clear to you before you sign anything.

Don’t make the mistake of writing these off as boring small print, as they may contain conditions For that might cause you some difficulty in future (e.g. banning pets from the site etc).

Read our Guide to buying a static caravan for more information on considerations when investing in a static home.