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8 reasons for a staycation

You might be fed up to the back teeth with hearing about Brexit on the news day in and day out. You are probably even more peeved by the plummeting pound this has brought about and the much more expensive this has made any holiday abroad.

The answer to your woes is simple – and it is called a staycation.

By staying in the beautiful and attractive surroundings of your own island home, staycations offer lots of opportunities and a touring caravan gives you plenty of possibilities for enjoying them:

  1. So many people can’t be wrong

Research conducted by Cover4Caravans at the start of the year revealed that no fewer than 85% of Brits are planning a staycation some time during the year – and the main reason they gave was the price.

  1. Worries about terrorism

The research also revealed that 50% of those choosing a staycation gave worries about terrorism as a reason.

As the year has progressed this has become a sadly real and frightening prophecy – with one of the latest atrocities leading to the death of at least 15 innocent bystanders in the heart of the Spanish city of Barcelona.

  1. Travel hassle

As every year goes by, passing through any airport becomes more and more of a nightmare – flight delays, security checks and impossible levels of crowding make it more of a torture.

By choosing a staycation, you are free of any such hassle.

  1. Staycationing caravaners

A staycation with benefits can be had by buying your own caravan – then you don’t even need to find the price of any hotel or bed and breakfast accommodation.

The freedom of the open road, your own home from home safely towed behind the car you are driving, and you are able to relax anywhere in the UK, whilst the kids make the very most of an outdoor life, without the pain of travelling from one country to another.

  1. Buying a touring caravan

A touring caravan is not so expensive to buy – and with touring caravan insurance the only significant annual expenditure – is extremely cheap to run.

The modest investment in the price of a new or second-hand caravan pays not for just this year’s staycation, but for many more years to come – a veritable investment.

  1. Freedom v planning

How much time did you have to spend planning your last foreign holiday – what with flights to book, passports to arrange, travel to the airport, travel at your destination, not to mention spending cash to exchange?

Contrast that with the freedom of a caravan-based staycation – where you can pack the bags, load up the kids, and be away the very next morning, without a care in the world.

  1. Home comforts

As many – or as few – of your own home comforts can be taken with you when you pack your caravan for a staycation in the UK.

  1. Making every day count

It’s not just the hassle that travelling abroad has become, but the sheer length of time it takes getting from home to the airport or ferry, making the journey to foreign shores, then travelling to your final destination – and doing it all over again when you want to come home.

A staycation in your touring caravan and the holiday starts from the very word go, making every day count and not a moment lost.