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Rock the caravan at Cambridge

Caravanners will be getting their rocks off at this year’s Cambridge Rock Festival, which will take place at Wood Green Animal Shelter in Cambridge from August 16th to 19th.

A long weekend of every kind of rock music, from classic rock to folk rock and jazz rock fused with ska, punk, blues, prog, funk and latin, will kick off on Thursday and see caravanners rocking ‘til Sunday.

Headline acts include Dr Feelgood, Eddie and the Hotrods, The Australian Pink Floyd Show, Wishbone Ash, Deborah Bonham and Hazel O‘Connor, who will all perform within a 3,000 capacity arena.

The festival will feature clothes, food and craft stalls, a coffee shop and a collectors vinyl and CD fair.

Children can enjoy petting the animals in Pets Corner at the animal shelter, which has everything from the humble bunny rabbit to the rather exotic llama. Meanwhile adults can indulge in the biggest selection of real ales and other alcoholic beverages that the festival has offered yet.

Caravanners can set up camp from 2pm on Thursday until 11am on Monday for a mere £36 and will be provided with well-drained pitches, permanent toilets and showers, while tickets to the event can be bought for the whole weekend or an a day-by-basis.

But before caravanners head off to enjoy themselves, it is important to take out comprehensive caravan insurance. Although caravanners are lovely folk, you never know when, with so many people, a theft could occur.

At Cover4Caravans we insure all your fixtures, fittings and furnishings at no extra cost. If someone nicks your bedding or has away with your toilet tent while it is stored in or attached to your caravan, you won‘t be caught short with Cover4Caravans, as your caravan insurance policy will cover these eventualities. Click through to request your caravan insurance quote.