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Sales of caravans and motorhomes soar

Last year we at Cover4Caravans reported how more and more of us are turning to “staycations”. And this trend appears to be continuing, as the sales of caravans and motorhomes continue to soar.


Different sources place different interpretations on the driving forces behind this growth.

There is a fairly widespread agreement that the fall in value of the Pound Sterling versus the Euro is significant. The downward spiral had started before the Brexit referendum but the decline gathered pace once the result was known.

One result of that for the typical UK holidaymaker is that their holiday spending money in the Eurozone is now just not buying anything like what it would have 18 months ago. So, financially speaking, the UK is now looking increasingly attractive for holidays.

Another big influence, albeit perhaps one that’s a little hard to quantify, is the massively revised perception of UK based holidays.

For some decades the UK holiday was seen by many as being second-best to a continental or longer-haul destination. In fact, it was often said, not always jokingly, that large numbers of British holidaymakers knew France and Spain rather better than they knew their own country.

However, that’s all changed over the past 10-15 years. The UK holiday industry (this trend is much wider than just the caravanning sector) has made huge strides in improving its propositions and the results are showing. Holidaymakers are starting to appreciate just how beautiful and diverse the UK is and they’re choosing home holidays in increasing numbers to prove it.

What this means for caravan owners

While the above facts and figures are fantastic news for everyone who loves caravanning, it’s worth keeping in mind that the increased volume of people enjoying caravan holidays leads to the need to think a little about your forthcoming trip. That’s particularly true if you’re contemplating a peak season caravanning break in July or August.

So, a few reminders:

  • book your site and pitch as far in advance as possible. More holidaymakers staying home and selecting caravan holidays means more competition for the best sites and locations;
  • keep your touring caravan insurance up-to-date, primed and “ready to go” in case you decide to shoot off at short notice. After all, caravans exist to give you that degree of freedom. Of course, that also applies to keeping your caravan in good mechanical condition too;
  • try to avoid travelling on Friday nights, Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons/evenings. The roads can get very busy if the weather’s nice or during school holiday breaks;
  • increased demand might lead to some caravan owners thinking about lending their caravan to others or letting it out. It’s a good thought but do please remember that it may affect the status of your touring caravan insurance and the type of cover you’ll need. Check the insurance issues in advance before lending or letting your caravan to someone else – even if they’re a close family member.


At the time of writing, all the forecasts appear to indicate that this great increase in the popularity of UK holidays and caravanning in particular, is set to continue through this year and possibly beyond.

So hitch up and go!