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Save money on your caravan insurance

Caravan in the roadWhat could be better during these gloomy winter months than to start looking forward to the coming season’s caravanning?

As part of your preparations, you might want to take this opportunity to review your current insurance on the caravan and to see whether there are ways in which you might save money on the premiums.

Here are a few suggestions.

About your caravan …

Perhaps one of the best places to start in any review of your insurance arrangements is to take a long hard look at the caravan itself – getting the cover right might make all the difference between the protection you need and unnecessary expenditure.

At the heart of the cover is protection against potentially serious risks that might result in the total loss of the caravan.

The recent flooding throughout the north of England following storm Desmond may be just a taste of things to come, warned the Guardian newspaper on the 10th of December 2015 – but to the risk of devastating floods, you might also add fire, other storm damage, impacts, vandalism and theft.

Because the total sum insured for your caravan needs to anticipate such worst case scenarios, it is important that you determine an accurate and realistic valuation – if you have owned it for a number of years, this means taking into account the inevitable toll of depreciation or you might be paying more than you need for your insurance.

… and its contents

Whilst you are in valuations mode, you might also want to review just how much the total contents of your caravan might be worth.

Once again, depreciation may need to be taken into account, but beware the possibility of leaving yourself underinsured if you underestimate values or fail to take into account newly acquired pieces of kit or equipment.

Feel free to consult a specialist

Although you may already have done a certain amount of shopping around to find cheaper deals on your caravan insurance, don’t forget the potential benefits of consulting a specialist caravan insurance provider such as us here at Cover4Caravans:

  • we may help to make sure that nothing is overlooked when it comes to identifying your particular, individual insurance needs;
  • take advantage of our wide experience and expertise when it comes to valuing your caravan and its contents;
  • depend on the expert’s industry wide contacts and knowledge to search every corner of the market for those products most likely to suit your needs;
  • rely on a specialist provider to suggest some of the most competitively priced policies on the market.

Public liability insurance

One important aspect of caravan insurance which you might easily overlook – but is typically offered by the experienced broker is public liability indemnity.

Inclusion of this element of cover as a standard feature of your caravan insurance not only saves you money on additional premiums, but might also save you many thousands of pounds if a member of the public or a visitor to your caravan suffers an injury or has their property damaged in an accident for which they hold you liable.

You can find out more by watching our short video entitled: Caravan Insurance Liability Cover.

Caravan security

One of the great ways of saving money on your caravan insurance – and for saving yourself a lot of heartache and worry into the bargain – is to improve the overall security of your caravan.

The more you do to reduce the risk of loss or damage, the happier your insurer is likely to be and reward you for your efforts by lowering the cost of the premiums you pay.

Indeed, some simple security measures might be policy conditions. A common measure, for example, is to insist that you use both a hitchlock and wheel clamps whenever your touring caravan is left attended and still attached to the vehicle which tows it. When left unattended and unhitched, wheel clamps alone still need to be used.

Further recognition might be given to your installing other safety measures, such as smoke alarms and motion detectors which give a warning about potential intruders.

Normal, common sense precautions apply to leaving your caravan with the door and windows securely locked, but even here you might improve matters by fixing deadbolts to the fastenings.

You are expected to play your part in mitigating the risk of any loss or damage, in other words, and your insurer may take into account when considering any claim whether the loss was the result of your own negligence or contributory negligence.

Watch our short video: Caravan Security and Insurance for more information.

Hopefully these tips and information have shown you ways in which you can lower the cost of your caravan insurance cover. If you would like to speak to us about a quote, then please feel free to call us 0n: 0800 9707 172.