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Saving money on your caravanning

The money you save for your caravanning holidays is ideally used for just that – spending on your holiday so that you get maximum enjoyment from it. There is a positive and compelling reason, therefore, for saving money wherever possible – and you need not turn into Mr Scrooge to achieve it.


Indeed, many money saving tips are simply questions of good housekeeping, old fashioned remedies and basically just very good ideas. Taken individually, many of them might not add up to much, but when they are all added together you might really notice the difference in your spending.




Before turning to those myriad ways of saving a penny or two, though, it is worth considering one important area where savings of genuinely significant sums may be made – and that is on the insurance cover for your caravan.


As with most other forms of insurance, getting the most affordable deal is essentially a question of knowing just the cover you want and need and then matching your requirements with the appropriate product on the market.


At times, and with the increasingly diverse and sophisticated nature of today’s caravans, this may be trickier than it sounds. To ensure that you are paying for the appropriate type and level of caravan insurance – at a competitive market rate – therefore, you might want to make sure to consult the experts in the field, such as those of us here at Cover4Caravans.


Money saving ideas


If you want to draw on the advice and experience of countless other old hands in the caravanning fraternity, you might do worse that visiting the Caravan Club’s webpages.


Here you may find a host of discussions threads offering money saving tips and advice.


Some practical tips


The following is a list of those smaller, everyday decisions which may all go together in helping you to shave pennies from your caravanning bill and allow you to save your money for spending on the things that are really important:


  • being aware of the way that you drive may contribute to fuel economy – not to mention road safety;


  • smoother acceleration and gradual breaking may go a long way to saving on fuel, as may reducing your speed, and turning off the car’s engine when stuck in the worst of Britain’s notorious bank holiday snarl ups;
  • heat wave conditions are really very rare in this country, so ask yourself whether you really do need that on board air conditioning turned on – it consumes a considerable amount of fuel;
  • avoid paying over the odds for the pitch on your favourite campsite plenty of time in advance – according to the website Caravan Advice, many people make their bookings for sites over Christmas and the New Year a whole year ahead of time;
  • you are likely to have paid already for the electricity supplied by the campsite to your particular pitch, so use that energy resource first before consuming the gas from your own cylinders – or think about investing in a solar-powered battery charger;
  • in the quieter winter months you can have fun searching for and buying many of the new season’s caravanning accessories from second hand sources such as classified ads, car boot sales and eBay;
  • another cheaper source for such items is again at the end of the season when shops are likely to offer summer stock at sale prices;
  • this includes kids’ toys. Cheap Frisbees and water guns etc. can be bought cheaply and stored away for next summer;
  • toilet chemicals for your caravan can work out to be quite expensive, so consider buying them in bulk, especially when they are on special offer;
  • cut down on your cleaning products down – many can be used for multiple tasks. And try some natural cleaners too, such as lemon juice and vinegar;
  • stay green by recycling and re-using everything possible – making use of plastic bags from the supermarket as your bin liners, for example;
  • before you travel, visit the local tourism website of the place you are visiting. These often have money off coupons and special family day out deals that you can take advantage of. Look out free days out too, such as museums and galleries;
  • pre-travel, buy cheap sweets and bottled drinks that you can use on days out on your trip for the children;
  • similarly, buy a couple of flasks and take hot drinks or soups for colder days out on holiday;
  • half the fun of cooking on your own BBQ is making your own marinade for the meat you are using – it is also considerably cheaper, not to mention tastier, than buying pre-marinated meats from the supermarket or butchers;
  • invest in a slow cooker – after a long day out at the beach or walking, the last thing you may want to do is cook. That is when it is easy to succumb to the temptation of an (often expensive) takeaway meal. Save money and enjoy arriving back to your caravan with a nice, hot meal waiting for you in your slow cooker.

When it comes to money saving ideas for your caravanning trips, there is almost no limit to whatever your imagination and resourcefulness may devise.