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Sheerwater sees caravan chaos

Gaynor Lake will be ruing the fact that she didn’t take out caravan insurance, after her new caravan went up in flames at the weekend.

The Sheerwater resident, who lives in Bentham Avenue, is believed to have been the victim of an arson attack.

According to the Woking News and Mail, Ms Lake awoke just before 3.30am on Saturday to find that her new caravan was on fire.

Ms Lake said: “I was gutted to be woken up to that, it was so frightening. I am normally asleep at that time but I had dozed off downstairs and it is lucky that I did because I was able to call the fire brigade.”

“I tried to call my partner to tell him what was going on but he could not understand me because I was crying so much.”

Although the fire service arrived on the scene quickly, by this point the fire, which had apparently started in a bin, had consumed the caravan and spread to a private ambulance.


Firefighters said that the valves on two butane gas cylinders had been opened, and they suspect it is a case of arson.

Ms Lake concluded: “I’ve only had the caravan for six months and used it once. Now it’s a wreck.

“It cost £200 but there was nothing wrong with it. I used it to go on my first holiday for ten years and I was so looking forward to my next one but I don’t have the money to replace it.”

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