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Shelter in seconds for caught-out campers

A new tent is on the camping market, which could be the fastest pitcher in the world and possibly the most fun as it erects itself through being hurled onto the ground.

Based on the original ‘Seconds’ tent, which won four international design awards, has launched the ‘Seconds Light’ range for 2007, a lightweight version of its sturdier older brother.

The manufacturers claim that every size of tent takes one second to pitch per man. For example the ‘1 Second Simple’ takes only a second to erect and can accommodate one adult and a child; the ‘2 Seconds Light’ is a two-man tent which takes just two seconds to pitch and the ‘3 Seconds Light’ is probably self-explanatory.

All of the tents are fully waterproofed by flysheets and the range costs between £24.95 and £54.95 depending on the model chosen. Quechua also says all versions take only 15 seconds to fold away after use.

The advantage that the new light version holds for caravanners is that it is more easily portable than the original version, measuring from 50 to 70 centimetres in diameter. The upside of this is that caravanners who want to leave their motorhome for a walk in the surrounding countryside can carry an ‘instant shelter’ in case of a downpour.

Unlike the original, the new light version requires pegs to stop it blowing away – with only four of them required, even the laziest camper isn’t going to moan. Plus with the new rectangular shape, it’s not such a squeeze to fit everyone in.