Some of the latest and greatest caravan gadgets

Caravan outings might have had to take a back-seat these past few months or so. All the better to have given thought to one of those subjects that seems to have perennial appeal to successive generations of caravanners – the latest and greatest, must-have gadgets.

Here’s a small selection of innovations some ingenious minds have dreamt up.

Wasps away!

A caravan is perfect for enjoying the relaxed outdoor life. But if there’s one pesky intruder likely to have you jumping up from your lounger quicker than you can say “buzz off” – it’s a marauding wasp or two.

Now you can beat them at their own game by hanging a fake wasps’ nest in your caravan awning. Luigi’s Wasp Deterrent claims to be so realistic that real wasps steer well clear of the fake nest.

Mosquito repellent

If it’s not the wasps, just wait until the sun starts to go down and the mosquitos are likely to get you – unless you have a portable mosquito repellent, of course.

This year’s MR150 mosquito repellent from ThermaCell is a disposable mat infused with the chemical Allethrin – similar to the natural repellent found in Chrysanthemum blooms. The mat is gently heated by a fuel cartridge and the harmless fumes drive mosquitos away.

Instant Pot

Since you are now relaxing in the wasp-free sunshine, the last thing you’ll want to do is return to your caravan’s galley to cook the evening meal.

So, that’s when you might want to turn to the Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 – an electric cooker that comes in three sizes (3 litres, 5.7l and 8l), capable of automatically cooking an amazing selection of dishes, from soup and broth, to meat and stews, beans and chilli, rice, porridge and even yoghurt. Slow-cooked, pressure-cooked or for simply warming food.

It’s described by the BBC Good Food guide as a “cult gadget” that has taken the USA by storm.

Dometic gas level checker pen

Never be caught out again by failing to judge when your gas cylinder is running on empty.

A nifty, pocket-sized device from Dometic incorporates a highly-sensitive ultrasonic sensor which tells you the level of remaining LPG when you press the gadget against the side of the gas cylinder. It requires no power source and can be used anywhere.

DJI Osmo Pocket camera

Like just about everyone else in the world, caravanners are keen to lay claim to the latest electronic and photographic gadgetry.

The DJI Osmo Pocket camera is just that – but with one major innovation that is likely to make the world of difference in the quality of photos you take. A clever, miniaturised gimble mechanism keeps the camera stable (over three axes), so you can use it anywhere in the knowledge that horizons are as level as they should be and your pictures perfectly framed.

Motor movers

Motor movers are among the more expensive items, but many owners might regard them as essential pieces of kit rather than needless gadgets or accessories.

Certainly, the Caravan Helper website votes motor movers the best gadgets to buy in 2020. It goes further in suggesting some of the latest and greatest models – the motorised jockey wheel mover from Happybuy, the manual motor mover from E-Move, Enduro’s Caravan Manoeuvring Aid, and the Apollo Caravan Mover from Royal Leisure.

YETI Cooler bag

You’ve almost certainly got at least one cooler bag that you use to keep drinks and snacks cold when you’re sitting outside and taking the sun.

It might well be time to invest in a new one, confident in the knowledge that the “extreme insulation” of the YETI Hopper Flip 12 keeps contents colder than most other cooler bags – mind you, at around £250 for a single bag, that’s a claim you’d expect to be kept!

What’s your latest and greatest find?

These are just some of the latest gadgets and accessories we’ve spotted online. You might well have discovered your own. We’d love to hear about them.