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Spruce up your static home – some questions and ideas

If you find that your static caravan is looking a little, let’s say tired, then it might be time to think about giving it an overhaul and refresh (in terms of decoration).

I’m strapped for space so my options are limited

There may be an element of truth in that but there is no need for defeatism.

For example, a significant amount of space in a static caravan is typically wasted, being empty air at or around shoulder and head height etc.

You may be able to create additional storage space and free up floor space by putting in some additional wall cabinets, removing items from floor level and thereby making space for additional seating or decorative items etc.

It might also be a good idea to think about purchasing furniture that doubles up as storage areas – i.e. seats that lift and have hollow spaces underneath.

I can’t afford new furniture and decor

Understandable perhaps but don’t forget that it is sometimes possible to obtain nearly new items at a very low cost by purchasing them at public auctions etc.

You may also be amazed at how things can be improved by simply a light sanding down and a coat of new paint or varnish.

Keep an eye open also for liquidations and stock clearances – they are often good sources for new furnishings at knockdown prices.

I don’t have the time

Of course, only you can make the decision but it may be advisable to think about how much the value of your caravan might increase if you undertake some basic renovation and redecoration.

The difference may be substantial and something that brings a smile to your face.

On a related subject, remember that if you have significantly renovated your caravan, you may have increased its value to an extent that it requires an increase in the cover levels stated in your static caravan insurance.

What can I do about the windows?

Leaving aside expensive options such as replacing them with more modern and decorative versions, it may be possible to replace existing curtaining and significantly change the internal and external appearance of your caravan.

Yes, curtain fabric can be breathtakingly expensive at times but you may wish to check on the internet for off-cuts. Remember that today you may be able to bring fabric in from overseas for a fraction of the cost it may be available for in UK retail outlets – and that includes taking into account the shipping costs!