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Static caravan and park home insurance quotes

Using our online service to find out about park home insurance quotes may help to bring you the peace of mind that you have the correct form of cover for your park home.

There may, at times, be some confusion about the difference between a park home and a static caravan.

For insurance purposes though you may typically find that:

  • the main definition of a park home is that it is your principal place of residence as opposed to your holiday home;
  • a park home may also have to be located on a local authority approved site and be connected to services;
  • a static caravan, on the other hand, may be used for holiday purposes on occasions throughout the year with your main home being elsewhere.

The different usage patterns may obviously mean that a park home may be furnished to a much higher standard than a static caravan and may also contain all of your worldly belongings rather than just the essentials you may need for a holiday.  Each type of accommodation therefore has its own specific insurance requirements with static insurance cover not being appropriate for park homes and vice versa.

If you have a park home you may need park home insurance quotes. If you have a static caravan then a cheap static caravans insurance quote may be what you need to look for.

When reading through a static caravan insurance quote, you may wish to check out what provision is made for new for old replacement of your static should it be damaged and assessed as being beyond the point where repairs were economically feasible.

Some policies may offer a new replacement for statics up to three years old if you have been the sole owner of the caravan from new. There are others though that may offer this level of cover for statics up to five years old and apply the three year limit to caravans that have been pre-owned.

This difference might be just one of many that may result in your opinion of what makes for cheap static caravan insurance cover being very different to what another caravanner may consider to be cheap in their eyes.

There may be a number of options open to you to qualify for a discount for your static caravan insurance premium including, for example:

  • belonging to a recognised  caravan club or association;
  • using a site which is not affected by flooding;
  • locating you caravan on a site with round the clock supervision.

If you have any questions about whether you need a static caravan or park home insurance quotes, we will be only too happy to help.

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