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Static caravan insurance quote FAQS

To identify the most appropriate insurance cover, for your own unique needs, it makes sense to compare static caravan insurance quotes.

These quotes allow you to make an informed choice about what may constitute the most appropriate static caravan cover for your own particular situation. Here are a few Faqs relating to static caravan insurance cover, so you know exactly what to look for when comparing cover.

Are static caravan insurance and park home insurance the same?

They might look the same and be sited on similar caravan parks, but there is a world of difference between a static caravan used as a holiday or second home and a park home in which you live the whole year around.

Because of that difference, static caravan insurance is not comparable to or interchangeable with park home insurance. If you have a static caravan as your holiday home, you need static caravan insurance.

Given that some caravans are located in rural areas that are well known as holiday destinations, it is also perhaps worth pointing out that if you let out your static caravan for the purposes of generating income, then you may need further insurance if your interests are to be protected.

Typical standard static caravan insurance may not cover the use of your caravan for commercial purposes including holiday lets.

Do I have to buy the static caravan insurance offered by my site manager?

The first point you may wish to bear in mind is that in most cases you are under no obligation to buy the static caravan cover that your site owner may offer you.

Understandably your site owner may be fully entitled to ensure that you have appropriate caravan cover before allowing you to use the site.  That doesnโ€™t mean, however, that you must purchase that cover from them.

While they may offer a one-policy-fits-all solution, by comparing static caravan insurance cover sourced elsewhere, you may typically find a policy that exactly meets your requirements โ€“ and often at a more attractive price too.

In most cases, you are entirely free to shop around for your caravan cover. And even if your site manager charges you a fee for administrative purposes (to check that you have the appropriate cover), overall you may still be in pocket by sourcing your cover independently.

Is it worth comparing static caravan insurance quotes?

Obtaining static home caravan insurance quotes may be of use only if you are clear about the type of caravan you have and how you intend to use it. Quotes then need to conform to those requirements and be applicable to your individual circumstances.

In short, it is always worthwhile being very clear as to the nature of your caravan and the way you plan to use it, before seeking caravan insurance quotations.

You must be sure that the cover you buy fully protects the investment that you may have made in your static caravan, and to do that, any insurance quote needs to be compared with others so that you can compare just what is on offer before making a decision one way or another.

What should I look for in a static caravan insurance quote?

One feature of cover that you may be interested in is the information that your quote for static caravan insurance has on the subject of new for old replacement.

You may find, for example, that there may typically be two main criteria used by providers of static holiday home insurance to determine eligibility for a new caravan should yours be damaged beyond the point where repairs are a realistic option.

These are the age of your caravan and the number of owners that it has had. If you have been the only owner of your caravan, there are some providers who may offer new replacement cover for statics up to three years old. Our, policies, however, provide new for old replacement on static homes up to five years old and regardless of the number of previous owners.

Another feature of a static caravan insurance quote that it may be worth looking out for is whether or not discounted premiums may be on offer. These may be available, for example, if you opt to locate your static on a site which has no record of being flood prone or where there is 24 hour supervision.

Can you tell me more about static caravan insurance quotes from Cover4Caravans?

Using our online service to find out about static caravan insurance quotes may help to bring you the peace of mind that you have the correct form of cover for your holiday home.

All our static caravan insurance quotes are what we believe are very competitively priced. Differences between policies might make some cheaper options than others โ€“ but what one caravanner considers cheap, of course, may be different from anotherโ€™s.

There may be a number of options open to you to qualify for a discount for your static caravan insurance premium including, for example:

  • belonging to a recognised caravan club or association;
  • using a site which is not affected by flooding; or
  • locating your caravan on a site with round the clock supervision.

If you have any questions about whether you need a static caravan or park home insurance quotes, we will be only too happy to help.

Do you have any top tips on carrying out a static caravan insurance comparison?

If you are conducting a static caravan insurance comparison, you may find the following tips to be helpful:

  • keep the price in context โ€“ try to focus on what your options are telling you in terms of the cover they provide and the conditions they apply, as ultimately this may prove to be far more important to you than a relatively modest price difference between two typical policies;
  • read the terms and conditions carefully โ€“ this area of an insurance policy or quotation is sometimes overlooked by potential policyholders and this may have serious consequences, given the fact that these T and Cs may eventually govern whether or not you will be able to make a claim in certain circumstances;
  • note your obligations โ€“ an insurance policy typically highlights conditions you must meet as part of your side of the contract bargain and if you fail to do so, simply because you have not read the policy, you may discover this in the painful situation of having a claim refused;
  • look for discount potential โ€“ when engaged in a static caravan insurance comparison, it might be worthwhile paying particular attention to the relative scope for discounts offered by the policies under comparison, as some may be far more flexible in this respect than others;
  • think about expertise โ€“ some insurance providers such as ourselves specialise in caravans, and that is worth noting as they may be rather more familiar with the issues and challenges associated with maintaining adequate caravan insurance cover;
  • shop around โ€“ the caravan insurance marketplace, like many others, is very competitive and it may pay to resist any pressures applied by people, such as site owners, to take their insurance simply because it is the first one that comes to hand โ€“ by using our online quote service, you can get a number of quotes all from one place;
  • allocate sufficient time to do justice to the comparison โ€“ trying to squeeze a static caravan insurance comparison into a spare five minutes you have one evening may be unlikely to allow you to compare a number of options in the detail required and this may be a pity as it may mean that you miss some very suitable deals.

Alternatively, please get in touch and speak to one of our friendly staff โ€“ or use our online caravan insurance service โ€“ to easily see what your static home insurance options are. Weโ€™d be only too happy to help!