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Static caravans excellent for the elderly

The Park Homes Residents Action Alliance (PHRAA) has said that static holiday homes can be an excellent and practical prospect for elderly people looking to downsize to a more practical property.

There are currently over 2,000 static caravan parks in the UK, with holiday homes ranging in price from £10,000 to £300,000.

PHRAA’s general secretary Ron Joyce said: “Usually for elderly people the main benefit is that they’re all on one level, they’re bungalow-type properties. You get a lot of community spirit, because they’re enclosed parks, if you like.”

Mr Joyce added: “In an ideal situation they are brilliant homes. Compact is a good word, I suppose. [Residents] might sell their brick-and-mortar homes [to downsize] and they might have several thousand pounds left over.”

However, he warned that the Mobile Homes Act of 1983, which came into force last year, needs a radical overhaul.

“All park homes, whatever the size, are classed as caravans – they’re caravans on a caravan site. Even these great big beautiful homes, 40-60 foot long by 20 foot wide, are classed as two caravans stuck together. That’s how antiquated the law is,” Mr Joyce explained.

“If you need help from any quarter, including trading standards, they cannot help’ You’re a caravan, you don’t buy it the same as a house, you buy it the same as you buy a radio or TV or a car. Even the police very often say: ‘It’s no good us coming on [the site], it’s a civil matter.’ Even health and safety regulations don’t apply to caravans.

“The Mobile Home Act has got to be radically reformed, to have proper, re-enforceable powers.”

While changing the act could help protect caravanners’ rights, caravan insurance can help to protect customers’ finances should an accident. At Cover4Caravans we provide new for old cover for static caravans under three years of age. Cover4Caravans caravan insurance policy is also postcode rated, which means we offer lower premiums for holiday homes in flood-free areas.