Static homes with a difference!

So, you thought you knew everything you’d need to know about static caravans – seen one, seen them all, you might be telling yourself.

So here are a few more than unusual variations on the theme that might help you think again about the possibilities of transforming the ordinary into something imaginative, exciting and eye-catching.

Like anything else that has been showered with lots of time, energy and expense, each of them is in need of adequate insurance – but regular static home insurance is likely to prove more than a challenge to your standard insurance provider, so you’ll need to search out a specialist broker who knows more than a thing or two about cover for caravans of every make, model and imagination.

Ahoy matey!

One of the most recent flights of fancy to transform an otherwise ordinary static caravan took shape as a fully-fashioned pirate ship.

The interior looks every inch a privateer, with each room decked out with gnarled ropes, ripped sails hanging from the ceilings, treasure maps hanging on the walls and seating fashioned from casks and barrels (of what probably contained the ship’s rum rations).

A sophisticated sound system even pipes in authentic effects of whale noises and “songs”, the roar of cannon balls firing and the banter between the pirate crew members.

Pitched on a site in Filey, Yorkshire, this novel rebranding of the static caravan featured on Hull Live on the 17th of August 2018.

Grazing in new pastures

They have perhaps become a little commonplace by now, but the turning a traditional shepherd’s hut into a comfortable, modern and fully-equipped static caravan retains a certain charm.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron last year famously invested £25,000 on a shepherd’s hut conversion which he pitched in his Cotswold garden as a “writing studio”.

You don’t need to be a former MP or even an aspiring writer to own such a caravan, though, and the market in new-builds has taken off with such a flourish that you’ll probably find one whatever the depth of your pocket.

Go global

Arab royalty is rarely known for doing things by halves and Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, has shown just how that can be applied to static caravans too.

His take on the humble caravan is a millionth-scale version of the entire globe no less. It is three storeys high, has nine bathrooms, eight bedrooms and boasts four separate storage areas.

The drinks are on you

Strictly speaking, our final example – a caravan pub club – probably does not fit the definition of a static caravan, since it also doubles as a tourer with relative ease.

But the pitched roof, “chimney” and cottage-style windows, genuine pine flooring, furnishings made from Irish oak, antique pictures on the wall and the drinking memorabilia you’d find in any shebeen this is every inch a traditional Irish pub – and one that looks to stay put.

Static caravans come in all shapes and sizes, and some have given free rein to all the imagination and art of their owners’ desires – just don’t forget you’ll need to arrange specialist static caravan insurance.