Staycation ideas for post-lockdown

For fairly obvious reasons – given the pandemic’s foreign travel restrictions – staycations are enjoying a surge in popularity. And a caravan, of course, makes the perfect base from which to enjoy one.

On the 16th of January 2021, the director general of the Caravan and Motorhome Club told the BBC that he expected the lifting of domestic travel restrictions to be like “ a cork popping from a bottle”.

On the 22nd of February, the Prime Minister announced his roadmap for lifting the restrictions – including the opening of caravan parks and campsites on the 12th of April (in England) (subject to some restrictions).

So where might all those staycationers be headed this spring and summer? At the end of last month, the Express newspaper suggested some hotspots and we have added some suggestions of our own too:

Everything changes – and nothing changes

The Garden of England

  • for all the familiar destinations in the list compiled by the Express, though, there are also some notable exceptions – and ones that continue to attract more than their fair share of spring and summer visitors;
  • included in this group is the county of Kent – the glorious, productive, and ever fertile Garden of England;
  • take a look at Visit Kent’s website to appreciate the wealth and diversity of its different regions from the sandy beaches and quaint feel of Broadstairs to the magnificent Reculver Towers;


  • visit Essex’s sunshine coast for sea, sand and (hopefully) sun, or go rural and discover truly picturesque landscapes, thatched cottages and mills;

Rural and Lively

  • Hampshire might also be one of those overlooked counties;
  • the New Forest National Park with its famous ponies of course, is very well visited by caravanners of every taste and hue – and quite rightly, too. The Forest stretches across 140,000 acres of ancient woodland and unspoilt grassland and is home to dozens of fascinating historic villages;

The Wild North

  • while the usual caravan train of visitors heads off to the Lake District, why not branch out in the opposite direction and head East?
  • Northumberland offers everything from energetic adventures to laidback relaxation – with a wild and rugged coastline, stunning beaches with nary a soul on them, and a warm and inviting rural hinterland;

Wales (potentially opening 1st April)

  • Wales has its visitor attractions, of course, and the South Wales coast – all the way to Pembrokeshire – together with Snowdonia National Park in the North, can be expected to get as busy and as crowded as usual;

Scotland (potentially opening 26th April)

Now you know where the rest of Britain is likely to be taking their caravan, you might want to staycation any place but one of those busy and crowded destinations. If you have your own tranquil and peaceful favourite getaway, we’ll keep it a secret just between the two of us!