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Storing your caravan for winter

CaravansIt is with a tear in your eye that you are now probably preparing to put away your touring caravan for the winter.

To prevent the beginning of next year’s new season becoming a tearful event too, you might want to give careful thought to how you are storing your caravan for winter.

Here are a few tips and suggestions for avoiding the worst and rediscovering your caravan in a safe and sound condition come the spring:

Storage facilities

  • where you choose to store your caravan is every bit as important as how you prepare it for a dormant winter;
  • choosing your driveway or some other patch of ground at home, or parking it up in a disused corner of a farmer’s field might be temptingly cheap solutions – but not only exposes your caravan to all the elements, but more importantly leaves it vulnerable to theft and vandalism;
  • this numbers more than 400 special storage sites across the country, so there is almost certain to be one reasonably close to where you live;
  • since 1999, CaSSOA has provided regularly inspected, secure caravan storage sites and grading the level of security provided according to three main rankings – Bronze, Silver and Gold;


  • there are additional measures you might take in order to improve the security and safety of your touring caravan whilst it is in storage – such as upgrading the standard of locks on doors and windows, ensuring that all gas supplies are disconnected, water systems are drained down and smoke alarms are properly installed;

Preparing your caravan

  • adequate ventilation is the best defence against these potentially damaging developments;
  • checking that air vents are clear and unblocked is also important to minimising the formation of condensation and mould, precautions that are likely to be assisted by a thorough clean and vacuuming of the interior;


  • you might want to consider removing soft furnishings such as cushions and mattresses altogether, but if this is not possible at least store them on end so that air may circulate around them;
  • all water systems need to be drained down to minimise the risk of freezing and burst pipes in the event of cold weather;
  • the battery also needs to be removed, wiped down and cleaned before storing separately in a safe place;
  • care for the exterior of your caravan includes a thorough check of any leaks through seals around doors and windows, followed by a good wash down and polishing;
  • tyres are especially vulnerable to wear and deterioration if the caravan is left standing on them, so you might want to remove them and support the caravan on axle stands – although check whether this is allowed on the secure site used to store your caravan.

Get the storage issues right and your caravan is likely to remain safe and sound until you use it again come the new year.