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FAQS – static caravan insurance costs

If you own a static caravan, of course you are concerned to protect it in the best way possible – and that means static caravan insurance. While you are busy comparing policies and considering the nature and extent of the cover needed...Read more

Spruce up your static home – on a budget

Most owners love their static homes. It’s as simple as that. However, it can sometimes come as a little shock to look around and realise that, well, overall it’s looking a little “tired and jaded” inside. That realisation can sometimes...Read more

Keeping My Static Caravan Secure

It is important to keep your static caravan secure as this will help prevent you suffering from losses and will ensure that your static caravan insurance premium is kept at a competitive rate (as you will keep any no...Read more

Static Home Insurance

How much is static caravan insurance?

Where you buy it Whenever you are buying any goods or services, it pays to shop around – and this goes just as much for your static caravan insurance. Although price is likely to be an important consideration when you are...Read more

Thinking about buying a static home? Here are some tips

Buying a static caravan might prove the ideal way of enjoying your own second or holiday home. It offers: somewhere to take your main holidays lasting several weeks – or more; an escape for occasional weekend breaks; a wide choice of locations...Read more