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Take a walk in the woodlands

Caravanners stuck in London may sometimes despair of the lack of green spaces in the capital, but thanks to the Thames Chase Community Forest project, London’s lush spots are being highlighted.

The Forestry Commission is inviting outdoorsy types for a free guided walk through Pages Wood in Havering on Sunday May 13th, to give people the chance to get to know their local green spaces.

Pages Wood is one of twelve Thames Chase Community Forests managed by the commission in England. It is part of a project which aims “to renew and regenerate the landscape at the edge of East London and South Essex by creating a varied wooded landscape for local people to influence, create, use, enjoy and cherish”.

Community Ranger Luke Everitt and local volunteer wardens will lead the walk through the 75-acre wood, which boasts more than six kilometres of paths for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

Luke said: “The walk will be a great opportunity to enjoy Pages Wood and find out about the wildlife that lives here from local enthusiasts.”

The walk also sees the launch of the Forestry Commission’s 2007 photography competition, which offers prizes for the best photos of any of the Forestry Commission woodlands in Thames Chase.

So, get your caravan hitched up, don your hiking boots and head over to Pages Wood, off Hall Lane – which can be found between the A127 and Shepherds Hill.