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Test-driving the Bailey Ranger 6206

After Carvanning4U website took delivery of the new Bailey Ranger 620/6 caravan, managing director Eric Gwilt was eager to test it and decided on a trip to France, but not before insuring the new vehicle with Cover4Caravans.

Shortly after making sure he had full caravan insurance, Mr Gwilt hitched the caravan up to his Kia Sorento using a Powrtouch caravan mover and set off towards Folkestone.

Although Mr Gwilt was impressed with the new Bailey Ranger model, some of the trip was beset by bad weather. While on the road to Mont Saint Michel, via the Paris Periferique, Mr Gwilt had to deal with high winds and rain. Although the worst did not happen, caravan insurance is vital for driving in bad weather to ensure that your vehicle is covered in case of flooding or lightning strikes.

One of the caravan parks that Mr Gwilt stopped at with his Bailey Ranger was the Camping Bien Assise near Calais. He points out in his blog of the journey that the site is “widely used by people starting and ending their holiday so has plenty of comings and goings early and late”. Although it is always nice to see some friendly faces on the road, you never know who might be out there wanting to steal your motorhome. In this instance, caravan insurance in case of theft is vital.

The key features that impressed Mr Gwilt about the Bailey Ranger 620/6 were the stability of the caravan, its fuel efficiency, comfort and spaciousness. And overall, he believes it is the “very best caravan” he has ever had for towing in 40 years on the road.

But what impressed Caravanning4U’s managing director about Cover4Caravans’ insurance deal? Mr Gwilt said: “The Paris Peripherique is no place to be without good insurance. I chose Cover4Caravans because it was quick and easy and the company offered value for money insurance.”

But you don’t have to possess 40 years of caravanning experience to know that Cover4Caravans cover is the best. If you want to trial a new caravan on a French adventure, why not try our caravan insurance package? Cover4Caravans offers all our customers 240 days in any year of insurance to tour in Europe at no extra fee. Click to get a quotation.