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The rise and rise of caravan cool

Caravanning is now one of the most popular holiday activities in the UK, according to the Caravan Club, as an increasing number of people embrace the free-wheeling holiday only a motorhome affords.

Nineteen per cent of Brits who choose to holiday at home do so in a caravan and there are now more than a million members of the Caravan Club, after 57,000 more people signed up last year.

A spokesperson for the Caravan Club told the Western Mail: “The key word that keeps cropping when asked what appeals to people about caravanning is ‘freedom’.”

“It’s great for families, providing very flexible holiday accommodation without the restrictions imposed by air travel and hotel timetables. If you need to warm a baby’s bottle at 3am, you have everything to hand.”

But apparently it’s not just families who have realised the potential of the caravan. The spokesperson said their membership includes a range of ages and people from all walks of life.

“The club is increasingly appealing to young singles who have discovered that owning or part-owning a caravan or motor caravan is a great way to indulge their favourite hobbies, from mountain biking to surfing, and attending events from pop festivals to motor sports meetings,” the spokesperson continued.

“So caravanning is an incredibly flexible holiday option, providing all-seasons touring for those with more time on their hands, and offering anything from city breaks, to beach holidays, from deepest countryside to wild and remote moorland in National Park locations.”

Nigel Donnelly, deputy editor of Practical Caravan magazine, added: “The profile of caravanning has scarcely been higher than it is at the moment. With a caravan you’re on holiday from the time you leave your front door, you’re the master of your own destiny.”