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The sheer fun of caravan holidays

Caravan holidays can, quite simply, be great fun! That is easily said but if you have never experienced one, you may be anticipating a little more substantive discussion to support that assertion.

Let’s consider some of the issues.


When you are staying in a hotel or guesthouse, even those that provide five-star quality at five-star prices, you may inevitably need to conform somewhat to the hotel’s timetable and agenda.

Some may have fixed eating times, requirements to vacate the room by a specific time (that may be far from convenient in terms of your travel plans) and you may need to keep your room empty at specified times so that it may be cleaned.

By contrast, in a caravan, you are totally in charge.

You eat when you want to eat, you stay in or go out when you wish to do so and you do not have to check in or check out with a reception before doing so.

If you have chosen a touring caravan holiday, then you have the added bonus of being able to travel around and stay where you wish to stay.


Not everyone feels comfortable sitting in public areas of guesthouses or hotels.

You may need to maintain a certain dress code standard and also to keep up a certain decorum.

On a caravan holiday though, you can dress entirely as you wish and within reason, behave as you choose within the confines of your own caravan!


Young boisterous children may have perfectly understandable excesses of energy that need to be run off.

In a bricks-and-mortar establishment that may be difficult or even impossible, whereas on a caravan site it may be possible to provide the open spaces that they need.

Of course, remember to consider the peace of other site users and to ensure that your caravan insurance provides adequate third party liability cover – just in case!

Country living

One of the biggest single advantages is that on a caravan site you and your family may be a little closer to nature and natural living than is possible in the typical hotel.

So, if you have never tried a caravan holiday, perhaps now is the time!