Things to do on rainy days

Things have really taken off this year with a massive surge in the popularity of staycations and the chance to enjoy the glories of the British countryside. And what better way to do that than in a caravan? Better yet, with autumn beginning soon, you’ll see stunning displays of seasonal colours.

But autumn also marks the start of shorter days, longer nights, cooler weather, and – of course – some predictably British rain. Here are some fun ideas for spending those otherwise fraught times together as a family:

Board games

  • board games have been around since the dawn of civilization – so, you could say their popularity has been well and truly tested;
  • during the recent lockdowns of the pandemic, families spending more time at home have enjoyed a resurgence in the popularity of board games – such as the perennial favourites of Monopoly and Scrabble – reported This is Money on the 5th of January 2021;
  • but there are so many to choose from that your only difficulty might lie in choosing the game to play – for helpful ideas, you might want to cast your eye over the Ultimate Guide to Board Games;


  • if you’re touring or if your caravan is somewhat compact, keeping the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle up together might prove something of a challenge;
  • if you’ve stopped in one place and the family is getting restive under the sudden opening of the heavens, though, why not get a touch nostalgic and tackle together this 1,000-piece puzzle depicting VW campervans through the ages;


  • it’s not a board game, of course, but equally nostalgic might be that game beloved by Victorians and Edwardians alike, charades;
  • it’s a game likely to be fun for all the family – often collapsing into a chance just to be silly in each other’s company; and

Family cinema

  • after the fun and exertion of all those charades, you might want to settle down for a quieter activity before bedtime – and turning your caravan into your own home theatre might be just the answer;
  • buy in some fizzy drinks and microwave some popcorn to create an authentic home cinema;

Bird spotting

  • come the morning, with everyone bright-eyed and bushy-tailed – isn’t every day like that when you’re caravanning – don’t be disappointed if the rain is still coming down;
  • while you are safely snuggled inside your caravan, nature continues its everyday chores – come rain or shine – and you can embark on the hobby of bird spotting;
  • you’ll want to keep by you the birdwatcher’s bible, the RSPB Handbook of British Birds – authoritative, comprehensive, and now in its 5th edition;


  • for many caravanners, the worst of being cooped up indoors and sheltering from the rain is being kept from exercising outside;
  • if that is you, then now might be the time to take up yoga – or practise it some more if you are already a dab hand;
  • even in the relatively cramped conditions of a touring caravan, you can still find the space to unwind through your yoga exercises – physically challenging for your body and mentally relaxing for your soul.

Autumn presents fresh opportunities for you to get out and about in your caravan. Even those occasional rainy days can still be fun for you and the family. Just give it a little forethought, maybe pack a board game or two, and everyone can be kept happy and content.

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