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Tips to beat your current renewal quote

CaravansWhilst you are sitting out the dark winter months, looking forward to a brand new caravanning season, you might take this opportunity to prepare for the inevitable caravan insurance renewal notice that is likely to be dropping through your letterbox any day soon.

The natural inertia we all seem to share might encourage the simple expedient of giving the renewal little more thought than rolling over the existing insurance policy from one year to the next.

But with a little thought and care, it is possible to save yourself some money and beat any current insurance renewal quote – so the following are a few tips on how you might do just that:

Shop around

  • shopping around seems such a simple tip it barely justifies the mention, but you do it for practically anything else you are buying, so why not your caravan insurance;
  • one of the reasons might be the relative difficulty in deciding just what level and scope of insurance you need and ensuring that you have everything covered whilst still paying a competitive rate;
  • if you have managed that, then you still need to find the closest match to your needs that is offered by the many options available in the market;

Consult the experts

  • at Cover4Caravans, we are able to save you both these headaches by bringing to bear our familiarity with the needs of customers owning a wide range of different makes and model of caravan;
  • combined with our knowledge of this particular niche sector of the insurance market, we may be in a better position to identify those products most likely to meet your specific needs;
  • all this to generate a quotation that you are likely to find especially competitive;


  • hard as it might seem to accept that it happens to such a beloved possession as your caravan, the fact is that it is subject to the same process of depreciation as anything else;
  • since the insurance you pay is naturally linked to its present value, therefore, it is important that you look carefully at the valuation included in any renewal notice, make the due allowance for depreciation and beat the current quote by recognising the lower valuation;

Excesses and no claims discounts

  • caravan insurance is not so very different to many other forms of general insurance when it comes to discounts for excesses and no claims discounts;
  • this year, therefore, you might consider sharing more of the risks by accepting a higher excess and earning a discount on the renewal quote as a result;
  • at the same time, it is worth checking that due allowance has been made by your existing insurer – or any alternative provider you may have found – for your claims free record;

Recognise the part you can play

  • in the same way that any insurer is going to welcome your sharing more of the risks by accepting a higher excess, credit – by way of a discount on the premiums you pay – is also likely to be given for other measures you take to mitigate the risk of loss or damage;
  • one of the most effective ways of enhancing the security of your caravan the next time it is laid up for winter is to agree that its storage at an especially well protected site;
  • these might be identified by using facilities provided by a member of the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA) which are graded according to the level of security offered through features such as inspection patrols, perimeter fencing, CCTV and controls at entry and exit points;
  • with 500 or so members around the country, there are good chances of your finding a site conveniently situated close to home;
  • it is during those months in storage that you may also help to mitigate loss or damage by draining down the water and heating systems of your caravan, removing items of value and ensuring that gas cylinders and the electricity supply are disconnected;
  • when the new season starts and you can start getting out and about with your caravan, there are further steps you may take to improve overall security;
  • some of these may relate to those times when you leave your caravan unattended – specifically, that you use wheel clamps and a hitchlock whilst it is still hitched to the towing vehicle and wheel clamps alone when it is unhitched;
  • general security – such as good quality locks on windows and doors – remains your responsibility and a condition of any insurance renewal you arrange. Watch our video on Caravan Security and Insurance.

Rather than letting a sense of inertia rule the day that you simply accept and roll over your existing insurance into yet another year, why not seize the opportunity for thoroughly reviewing the cover you have, the cover you need and the potential for beating the quote you have just been given.