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Top tips for buying a static home

Static Home InsuranceIf you are in the fortunate position of buying a static caravan home, you are about to invest in a place that may serve as your home away from home, a holiday retreat, or one to let to paying guests, for many years to come.

With so much potentially at stake, you might appreciate a few top tips about making that purchase:


  • it might seem a statement of the obvious, but the location of your static caravan is likely to be a priority consideration;
  • is it in a part of country you might want to return to on a regular basis, so the distance away from your main home may be an important consideration;
  • does the site on which it is pitched offer all the amenities and facilities likely to provide you the kind of welcome you desire each time you visit;
  • if you are buying your static caravan principally for summer lettings, does the location offer the appeal and attractions most likely to be sought by tourists and other visitors;
  • moving from one pitch to another on the same holiday park, or even moving the caravan to an entirely different park, may be a complicated business – and you might be attracted therefore to the range of choices and flexibility offered by the owners of major park owners, such as Park Resorts;

Terms of sale

  • the website Buy a Static points out an important consideration when deciding whether to buy privately or directly from the holiday park on which the static caravan is already sited;
  • although a private sale price might seem attractive, you may need to add to that the cost of transporting the caravan to your chosen location or pay a commission to the holiday park owners if you are buying a static caravan already pitched on that site;

A second home

  • your static caravan is likely to be, to all intents and purposes, a second home – whether for holidays for you and your family, as a regular bolthole, or as a money-spinning holiday let;
  • whatever the purpose, your choice is likely to be guided by similar principles to those when buying your main place of residence;
  • in other words, is it big enough, does the layout suit the different purposes for which you may be buying it, are the fittings and appliances up to the standard you expect – and, quite simply, does it offer a welcoming home away from home;


  • just as with the main home in which you live for the rest of the year, insurance cover for your static holiday home is likely to be a priority;
  • typically, cover extends more to the structure and fabric of the caravan itself and to its contents;
  • in the same way as your building and contents cover at home, the total sums insured need to anticipate a worst case scenario, involving a complete loss and your need to replace both the caravan and its contents;
  • insuring a static caravan is likely to involve special considerations which you might not otherwise encounter in respect of cover for alternative types of dwelling – since static caravan insurance is a particular speciality of ours here at Cover4Caravans, you might want to refer to some of the special conditions typically attached to such cover;

On the inside

  • a further difference between the interior of your principal home and static holiday home is likely to be that the latter has more in the way of fitted furniture and equipment – unlike the lounge and dining room suites you might have in your main home, for instance;
  • even though some of the furniture and furnishings may be fitted, however, this is not to say that you have plenty of creative opportunities for the interior design of your static caravan;
  • a lick of paint, the introduction of new fabrics or even a carefully placed rug might go a long way to putting your own personal stamp on the décor.

As the owner of a static caravan – whether one you have bought brand new, already pitched on a holiday park you like, or through a private sale – you are about to enjoy all the freedom and pleasure of owning a second home away from home.

Of course, there are a number of important considerations to take on board before taking the plunge and completing a purchase, but these tips and suggestions may help you to find an effective way forward in owning a holiday home that might be enjoyed by you and your family – or the paying guests you choose – for many years to come.

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