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Top up the tank to avoid bank holiday break-down

Caravanners are being warned to ensure they have enough fuel in the tank before embarking on a bank holiday trip.

The Highways Agency felt it necessary to issue the advice after a large number of vehicles have been breaking down on the nation’s highways simply because they have run out of petrol.

Not only is a break-down a bother, but caravanners are risking both their motorhomes and their lives, according to the Highways Agency’s traffic officers, as stranded motorists and their vehicles could be struck by other traffic.

Apparently, those travelling in the east of England are particularly in peril, as the agency officers deal with an average of 317 incidents per day, over half of which are break-downs on the motorway.

Although 93 per cent of drivers manage to make it to the hard shoulder, Jon Caldwell, network operations manager for the eastern team, warns that the assumption that this is a safe spot could be wrong.

“The hard shoulder is a dangerous place and breakdowns which are simply down to people running out of fuel are unnecessary and putting lives in danger. People think of the hard shoulder as a place of safety, but in fact you are at risk of being struck by another vehicle,” Mr Caldwell said.

“Drivers should reduce the risk to themselves and their passengers by being fully prepared for the journey they are making. Don’t wait for the red light to come on or leave it to guesswork how much fuel you will need,” he continued.

Of course if you do forget to tie a knot in your hanky regarding the fuel situation, it is vital that you get full caravan insurance. While many people might be able to dodge an oncoming Volvo veering towards the hard shoulder, your caravan does not have the eyes and ears to avoid a collision.