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What does tourer insurance cover?

CaravansDid you enjoy a holiday in a touring caravan this summer, or did you look on enviously as others enjoyed such a relaxing and comfortable holiday on the open road?

If you have been bitten by the caravanning bug and are now poised to invest in one of your own, of course you need to consider the protection afforded by touring caravan insurance.

Although any insurance needs to be tailored to your individual circumstances and requirements, it is nevertheless possible to identify a number of the most important considerations taken into account by our customers here at Cover4Caravans:

The caravan

  • at the heart of any touring caravan insurance is likely to be protection of the ‘van itself against such potentially serious risks as fire, flooding, impacts, storm damage, vandalism and theft;
  • the sum insured needs to reflect the current replacement value of your caravan (which is likely to be different to the price you paid for it or its current market price) – although some insurers may offer a new for old replacement if your caravan is less than a certain age and is stolen or damaged beyond economic repair;

The contents

  • cover may also extend to the contents of your touring caravan and protection against similar risks and perils;

Safety and security

  • most touring caravan insurance policies include provisions for mitigating the risk of loss or damage by insisting that you apply a hitchlock and use wheel clamps if the ‘van is left unattended but still hitched to the towing vehicle and wheel clamps alone if it is unhitched;
  • whilst cover against loss or damage to your caravan and its contents extends to periods when you are using it on holiday, whilst it is temporarily on your driveway at home and when it is in longer-term storage (when laid up for the winter, for example);

European travel

  • you may have even greater freedom of the open road – not to mention the sense of adventure involved – if you are towing your caravan for a holiday in Europe;
  • although your motor insurance normally meets the minimum requirements of local laws, this might only offer third party cover for your caravan (if the ‘van causes injury or damage to a third party in a road traffic accident), making separate, specialist insurance for the ‘van a more than prudent consideration;

Use by friends and family

  • some tourer insurance policies extend cover during the ‘van’s use in the UK by your family or friends;
  • if you propose such generosity, therefore, it is important to check that your caravan insurance permits such use;

Public liability

  • even when your touring caravan is pitched or being stored on your driveway, you may face claims of negligence if a campsite neighbour, passer-by or member of the public suffers an injury or has their property damaged;
  • with such claims potentially reaching a substantial figure, public liability or third party cover typically offers at least £1 million of cover.

In short, therefore, touring caravan insurance may cover a wide range of risks and perils, depending on your proposed use of it. When arranging cover, it is important that the insurance you buy is tailored to your specific needs and requirements.