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Touring caravan insurance considerations

Whether you have splashed out on a new one or bought second hand, your touring caravan is likely to represent a significant investment and one which you want to protect with adequate insurance.

Getting the cover you need is likely to prove an important longer-term decision, that not only pays dividends but also affords the protection your caravan deserves. But your precise needs and requirements remain individual to you and the particular make and model you own, so when it comes to touring caravan insurance, it is important to keep in mind the importance of tailoring it to what suits you.

Consult the specialists

Establishing your particular, individual insurance needs may be more complicated than it first appears – especially if you are relatively new to caravanning. It might be easy to overlook some potentially critical element to which attention needs to be given. Overlooking such details now might prove to be an expensive oversight in the future if something goes wrong.

Even when your specific insurance needs have been identified, there is still the next step of finding the insurer most likely to meet those needs and requirements. Although a niche market, touring caravan insurance comes in all shapes, sizes and prices.

Taking these twin considerations into account you might therefore want to consult Cover4Caravans, where we have the expertise and experience in bringing together individual caravan owners’ needs with the appropriate form of insurance available – at a competitive price.

What is typically covered?

Although your own touring caravan insurance may differ in its details to others, there are a number of elements it is likely to share with them:

The caravan

  • at the heart of the cover, of course, is the caravan itself and its insurance against loss, theft and damage;
  • although your regular motor insurance may provide the legally-required third party cover when being towed, that is as far as it is likely to go;
  • in other words, for comprehensive protection against accidental damage, loss or theft, you need to arrange specialist insurance for your touring caravan – against such major risks as fire, impacts (from other vehicles, falling trees or branches and even aeroplanes), flooding, storm damage, vandalism and theft;

Mobility and security

  • the distinctive feature of a touring caravan, of course, is its mobility;
  • whilst a blessing to you, that very mobility makes it a particular target for thieves;
  • intruder alarms and ant-theft devices, therefore, are important considerations – and some insurers may credit you with a discount on premiums the greater the security efforts you have made;
  • in any event, there is one security consideration which the majority of caravan insurers are likely to include as a condition of cover whilst you are out and about in your ‘van;


  • in a similar vein, your insurer is also likely to express a concern about the conditions under which the caravan is stored when it is not in use – over the winter period, for example;
  • these sites – of which there are currently more than 400 across the country – provide heightened security for your caravan whilst it is laid up and temporarily out of use;

Club membership

  • in recognition of this characteristic, a number of insurers offer a discount on premiums to members of a recognised club;


  • touring caravan insurance may also be extended to cover the contents of your caravan – and the amount and value of kit and personal possessions you take with you on holiday outings may be appreciable;
  • when insuring the contents of your tourer, therefore, make sure that you are using an up to date, accurate and comprehensive valuation of every item;

Public liability

  • one area which might be easy to overlook is the possibility of some accident involving your caravan which results in injury to or damage to the property of a third party or member of the public;
  • although those who have suffered such loss or damage in a road traffic accident are covered by your motor insurance, there are other instances – when your caravan is on the campsite, at your home, or in storage – when such accidents may occur;
  • that is why you might also want to give consideration to the need for public liability insurance – which typically provides an indemnity of at least £1 million against such claims.

These are likely to be the principal considerations relating to your touring caravan insurance. But it is insurance particular to your individual needs and circumstance – so you are certain to want to tailor the cover you buy to suit those needs.