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UK leads Europe for touring caravans

It seems that more Brits will have to take out touring caravan insurance if they are proud of their vehicle, as statistics show that considerably more touring caravans are sold in the UK than in the rest of Europe.

According to the latest statistics from the National Caravan Council (NCC), 33,000 touring caravans were sold last year in the UK.

The UK’s sales of touring caravans were almost 50 per cent higher than sales in Germany, which is the next biggest vendor of touring caravans.

France and the Netherlands, despite being keen caravanning nations, also lagged behind the UK in terms of sales.

Meanwhile the number of motorhomes registered in the UK last year was 11,069, up from 10,849 the year before.

John Lally, director general of the NCC, said: “Touring caravans remains a clear UK manufacturing success story and there is still plenty of potential for growth in the motorhome market.”

Meanwhile static caravan sales remained at a similar level as the previous year with, at around 23,550 over the last two years.

The NCC believes that caravan sales will prove strong throughout 2007.

Speaking at The Lawns trade show in Hull, Mr Lally said that sales figures to the end of August indicated that this year’s sales levels would beat those of 2006.

He explained: “There is a huge focus on caravans in the media this year. Everything from the Caravan Club’s centenary celebrations to Big Brother has highlighted the varied delights of caravan products.”

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