“Unlawful possession” of a caravan, motorhomes for freedom, campsite grocery deliveries, and other caravan news

Here is a round-up of the some of the latest caravan news headlines that we have seen …

New caravan laws could be introduced to stop thieves’ “unlawful possession”

An unfortunate downside to the surge in popularity of touring caravans is a rising incidence of theft. Campaigners are arguing for vehicle registration laws to be tweaked so that “unlawful possession” of a caravan becomes a criminal offence, reported the Express newspaper on the 30th of August.

Campaigners have launched a Parliamentary petition seeking a change in the law that would require the inclusion of caravan details in the logbooks and registration documents of the towing vehicle.

This would give law enforcement officers an immediate heads-up if it was observed that the registration details of both the caravan and the vehicle towing it did not match.

Motorhome holidays voted number one for freedom factor

The best way to experience freedom on your holidays is by motorhome – so says research revealed in the Caravan Times on the 25th of August.

That “freedom factor” granted by a motorhome holiday could be found among 41% of respondents to the survey, while 14% said they experienced a similar sense of liberation when camping and 8% when caravanning.

All these types of holiday provide an opportunity to enjoy nature in its outdoor setting, claimed the authors of the survey – a sought-after antidote to the stresses of modern living.

Camping and holiday groceries being delivered to UK campsites and caravan parks

Home delivery service Deliveroo has extended its reach to customers enjoying their holidays in campsites and caravan parks around the UK, reported the Manchester Evening News on the 21st of August.

So, whether you are in your ‘van and you’ve run out of groceries at the last minute or are waiting for an evening meal from the local restaurant to be delivered, Deliveroo could get your order to you within half an hour or so.

Locations to which the company has started delivering orders this summer include campsites and caravan parks in popular coastal resorts – thanks to Deliveroo’s partnerships with supermarkets such as Aldi, the Co-op, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose.

Home delivery services in the UK have enjoyed a massive increase in popularity during the recent succession of lockdowns, of course, with the market expanding by 48.1% in 2020 to an estimated total value of £11.4 billion.

Calls for Southend to get a caravan park and campsite

Local traders are encouraging the development of a caravan park and campsite, revealed a report in the Basildon, Canvey and Southend Echo on the 30th of August.

Instead of the majority of visitors coming for the day but leaving by nightfall, camping and caravanning facilities would help Southend to offer attractive and affordable overnight facilities. In that way, the town could share in the benefits experienced by other resorts as Britons take advantage of easily accessible staycations at tourist destinations relatively close to home.

Ian Gilbert, leader of Southend Council, welcomes ideas for a potential site saying: “I personally would welcome something like that in our borough, and I’m sure my colleagues would as well. The difficulty is finding an appropriate site for it, there doesn’t seem to be any obvious places available in the town.

“We are fairly densely packed, so I’m not sure where that sort of facility would go. That being said, I think it would encourage more to stay in the area for longer if they’re looking for that type of holiday. That obviously has a positive knock-on.”