We love the UK!

Things change – and nothing better illustrates that than holiday preferences over the past 10 years or so.

The UK rules

The Daily Express newspaper recently reported that for the first time in a long time, well over half (57%) of those surveyed said that they plan to take their holidays in the UK this year. True, the “staycation” isn’t a new phenomenon for 2018 but this is a significant increase on what’s been seen previously.

That matched our own previous research but we decided to go further and commission our own Cover4Caravans second annual survey looking at specifics and driving factors. Some of those results even surprised us a little, despite our extensive experience in the marketplace through our provision of touring caravan insurance.

Love of caravanning

In fact, our own survey showed a figure slightly higher than the 57% quoted above but interestingly, the third most popular accommodation choice of those planning a staycation was the caravan. Over a quarter of those who responded said it would be their preferred choice.


The most prominent factor mentioned was children.

The ratings for this as an ideal holiday for kids soared above all other factors. Many families are now valuing the freedom and “open air / open road” nature of a caravan holiday but also the environment that brings everyone back together in an intimate setting for things such as meals and evening pastimes.


Our survey also indicated that cost was a big factor in selecting both a UK holiday and a caravan one in particular.

In general terms, the UK has boomed as an economic destination for holidays due to the rapid decline of Sterling against the Euro over recent years. Not that long ago, Sterling was around £1 = €1.30. Now tourist rates are hovering around €1.10 and in some cases even close to parity.

That has led to a significant reduction in the buying power of UK holidaymakers in their traditional Eurozone destinations. It also means that the UK is looking correspondingly, very good value for money.


Surprisingly, even more people were choosing caravanning for hassle-free reasons rather than cost reasons (though the two factors were also related a little).

This seems to be largely attributable to the now notorious problems, delays, inconvenience and hidden costs associated with much air travel. These issues probably need no explanation and it’s clear that for many, the “glamour factor” once associated with travel by air has now largely gone.


It is absolutely no pleasure at all to report that our survey indicated that terrorism concerns are a reason why about a quarter of those surveyed said they were planning caravanning holidays.

That is about 7% up on what we’ve seen previously.

Once again, this needs no discussion other than to say that security, when travelling via public transport of almost any kind, is now seen by many as being risky in terms of violence. The independence of the caravan is, therefore, a major attraction in such times.


As we have commented previously, it’s also important to acknowledge the vast efforts made by the UK tourism industry over recent years.

The facilities offered in most locations are now unrecognizably better than they were say 20 years ago.

So, things are looking positive for UK caravanning holidays in 2018 – and beyond!  No wonder we LOVE the UK!