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What could possibly happen to a touring caravan?

A touring caravan holiday may be the holiday of choice for many seasoned caravanners, so one of the things that may happen to it is that it becomes the source of many happy holiday memories.

Of course in life not everything may always turn out exactly as you may wish and accidents do happen.

As a caravan owner though, touring caravan insurance may be able to help you to minimise some of the repercussions of what could otherwise turn out to be a bit of a financial disaster if something were to happen to your caravan. Take the weather for example:

• although you may hope that each of your caravan holidays is blessed with blue skies, a gentle breeze and temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cold, this may not happen – particularly if your caravan holiday is taking place in the UK where the weather can be unpredictable to say the least;

• days that start off calm with clear blue skies may, in a very short time, change completely, as a summer storm sets in;

• so while you may have set off on a day trip leaving your awning up, you may come back to find that it has been damaged by some strong gusts of wind;

• similarly after some heavy rainfall, that gently flowing stream may turn into a rushing torrent of water that could cause you and your caravan some problems;

• of course these are just a couple of weather related reasons why you may wish to ensure that you have adequate and appropriate caravan insurance cover;

• you may wish to bear in mind though that different policies may offer different levels of cover and that there are likely to be terms and conditions relating to just what is and is not included;

• for example, some policies may specifically exclude cover for your awning. There are other providers who do cover awnings (in certain circumstances) and here at Cover4Caravans we can help;

• you may wish to note though that some of these policies may contain very specific dos and don’ts, so, in the example of a day trip noted above, you may find that you would be having to meet repair or replacements costs of your awning yourself.

The weather though is not the only possible source of trouble when it comes to touring in your caravan. Theft, either of or from the caravan, can be a problem and checking the provisions of your caravan cover, are there situations where you need to use a hitchlock and wheel clamp for example, may help to ensure that you have the best possible financial backup should the worst happen.

We’d be more than happy to clarify this in more detail, should you require further guidance, so please do not be shy about getting in touch.