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What does park home insurance cover?

Before you may be able to answer the question, what does parkhome insurance cover, you may first of all have to be sure that it is parkhome cover that you actually need:

  • unlike a static caravan, which you may use occasionally for recreational and holiday purposes, a park home is your permanent place of residence;
  • your park home may be located on a local authority registered site and you may have full connection to all utility services and use your park home address for electoral role and council tax registration;
  • when asking what does parkhome insurance cover, you may wish to bear in mind that even a smallish parkhome may be a much more substantial construction than a static caravan and may have additional external features that a static may typically not have, such as garden sheds, swimming pools etc;
  • your park home may contain all of your possessions and may be fitted out to a much higher standard than a static caravan used only for holidays;
  • static caravan insurance may therefore not be suitable for your parkhome, as it just may not provide you with the levels of cover that you may need;
  • in a static caravan insurance policy for example, the level of cover available for things such as electrical items or gadgets may be fairly low or may not even be included in cover – external features may similarly be excluded from static policies;
  • finding a parkhome insurance policy that provides you with the cover you need may be just a bit simpler if you have access to a service like ours, where we may obtain an online caravan insurance quote for you which most closely matches your requirements;
  • getting the balance between premium price and the caravan cover offered  may be easier in situations where you can compare the details of a selection of policies before making your choice
  • this may not only save you time but it may also give you the ability to select the policy which most closely matches your budget without having to compromise on the quality of cover offered;
  • the question, what does park home insurance cover, may best be answered if you firstly take a couple of minutes to have a think about what it is that you are looking for.