What does touring caravan insurance cover?

If you are looking for tourer insurance for your caravan, it seems reasonable to ask just what it might cover.

You might be surprised, however, how many owners who are new to the joys of caravanning – as well as a few seasoned old hands – are more than a little hazy about quite what risks tourer insurance does and does not cover.

Buying any form of insurance, including tourer caravan insurance, may sometimes be something that’s a little fraught with uncertainty. Terminology may be confusing and sometimes things are described in unnecessarily complex terms.

On top of that, insurance products change, along with the type of caravan you are using over the years, the nature of the outings you make in it, and the risks that need the protection of appropriate insurance.

That is why it is important to not only regularly review your cover to make sure you have the most appropriate touring caravan insurance available, but also to notify your insurer of any changes to your caravan (such as where it is stored) as soon as possible.

Do I have to have touring caravan insurance?

When you are towing a caravan, the law does not require that you have separate touring caravan insurance.

The vehicle you are driving of course has a legal requirement for a minimum of third party insurance – and that cover typically extends to the caravan you are towing too. (Not that we say “typically” – it is imperative that you check with your motor insurance provider as to what cover your caravan has, if any, under your car insurance policy).

But even if your motor insurance is upgraded to fully comprehensive cover, you are likely to find that it provides protection against third party risks only for your caravan – leaving the trailer completely vulnerable to fire, theft or accidental damage.

That is why separate, specialist touring caravan insurance is necessary.

What touring caravan insurance covers

In reality, getting a quote for and buying caravan insurance can be easy. Plus, the basic principles of tourer caravan insurance are very straightforward:

  • cover is typically provided for damage to (or theft of) the caravan – touring caravan insurance ensures that your caravan is protected – whether it is parked on your driveway at home, stored elsewhere, being towed or pitched anywhere along the route of your current holiday.
  • financial protection is also extended to the contents of your caravan (some policies may have certain exclusions, such as high-value jewellery or PCs etc);
  • this extends to those times when your caravan is still hitched to the towing vehicle and when it is unhitched – but your insurer is likely to insist that you use a hitch-lock if the caravan is unattended and still connected to the towing vehicle and wheel-clamps when it is unhitched;
  • your tourer insurance cover takes into account the make, model, age and value of the caravan – and some policies may offer replacement as new settlements in the event of a total loss of a ‘van that is less than two years old. At Cover4Caravans, we provide new for old cover for both statics and tourers up to 5 years old, regardless of the number of owners;
  • some policies may also provide third-party liability cover – that exists in case you are sued by someone, who believes they have suffered personal injury (or property damage), as a result of your caravan.

But remember that cover varies from one insurer to another

Along with common elements of cover, things may vary depending upon the offer that the touring insurance provider is making. It’s therefore important to take the time to read carefully your initial quotation and the policy documentation before you make a purchasing decision.

That is to ensure that you understand the caravan cover being offered, plus any conditions, exclusions and obligations so as to be clear it is a good match for your situation.

It’s also typically advisable to compare cover caravan insurance policies as some may simply offer protection that is more commensurate with your use of your caravan.

Reassurance from your specialist broker

The costs of getting inappropriate or inadequate cover may be steep indeed. So, you might be reassured by the expertise and experience offered by an independent broker such as ourselves here at Cover4Caravans.

Citizens’ Advice recommends the use of a broker if you are looking for advice about insurance or want a specialist policy – such as tourer insurance.

As independent brokers, we put your interests first and foremost by offering a choice of tourer insurance. To make sure that your tourer insurance provides appropriate safeguards against those risks which it needs to cover, it must be tailored to meet your particular needs, requirements and circumstances.

If you already have caravan insurance, you are almost certain to receive a renewal notice each year. Indeed, some people see buying insurance as such a hassle that they simply annually renew with the same provider and don’t even bother to see if they could get a more attractive deal elsewhere! That shouldn’t be the case! As we mentioned at the start of this article, policies, prices and the cover offered change all the time – what is an appropriate policy for you now may not be the most suitable policy for you this time next year.

You can get a quote from a number of specialist tourer insurance providers all from one place with us, as well as buy caravan insurance online or over the telephone. Or, if you prefer or need any further help or advice, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 9707 172.

How do policies differ?

There are some important differences in the levels of protection offered by different insurers.

In the event of the worst coming to the worst and your caravan being totally written off in a major event – such as a fire, for example – a number of insurers offer to replace the caravan with an identical model as new, provided your insured ‘van was less than two years old, or less than five years old if you have been the sole owner since it was new.

Policies arranged through us here at Cover4Caravans, on the other hand, offer new for old replacement of any caravan that is less than five years old, regardless of the number of owners there may have been before you bought it.

Are any discounts offered on touring caravan insurance?

Responsible and careful caravan owners are more than likely to be members of a recognised caravan club – receiving regular tips and suggestions on enhancing security and maintaining your caravan in tiptop condition, for example.

Here at Cover4Caravans, therefore, our policies recognise the importance of club membership by granting a discount on the premiums members need to pay.

More specifically, our policies also recognise that caravans are at perhaps their most vulnerable when they are not in regular use and effectively put into storage for, say, the winter months.

A further discount on your premiums, therefore, is also available if you agree to store your caravan at one of the high-security sites recognised and registered with the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA).

How much does tourer insurance cost?

Inevitably, price is a subject for serious consideration, but it may be advisable to pause a little before presuming that advertisements for cheap caravan cover will necessarily offer a suitable solution for you.

Cheap caravan cover may not offer the same match to your requirements as another, perhaps marginally more expensive policy. If it does then fine but if it doesn’t, keep in mind that if you need to claim, you won’t be bothered at all about how cheap or expensive your policy was – you’ll only want to know what cover it provides.

The bottom line may be that what proves to be cheap for someone else may not be suitable for you or prove to be cheap in the event you need to make a claim – so keeping the price in perspective may be advisable.

Excesses and no claims bonuses

Just as with many other forms of insurance, your tourer insurance is likely to incorporate an excess which you need to pay in the event of a claim – but by agreeing to an increase in the amount of that excess, you may earn a reduction in the cost of your premiums.

if you remain claims free from one year to the next, you also qualify for valuable no claims discounts.

In summary

Tourer caravan insurance need not be complicated, but you may need to be prepared to allocate a few minutes to sitting and reading the detail, if you are to avoid missing out on a cost-effective and suitable solution.

Alternatively, please get in touch, either on the telephone or via email, and one of our professional (and friendly!) team will be able to help you find suitable caravan cover.