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What is an Insurance Schedule Video

So what is a Schedule of Insurance and why is it important to me as a customer?

Okay, I don’t know what all insurance companies do, but certainly as far as Cover 4 Caravans is concerned, when you take our your policy with us you will receive a Schedule of Insurance for the insurance company which we placed your business with. It has some really important information on it. It has to be read in conjunction with your Policy Wording and also your Key Facts. Basically the Schedule will tell you who we are, how long the policy lasts – when it starts and how long it runs for. It will tell you who we’re insuring, so your name, your address. It will also have the storage address of your caravan, being a tourer or a static, it’s the same. It will normally have your occupation and date of birth on.

It also will tell you how much you’re insuring your caravan for. Whether you have any contents cover and whether there’s any addtional cover.

The Schedule will tell you what your excess is. Our is really easy because unless we’ve told you differently you will always have just £100 excess. We’ve made it quite straightforward.

It will then tell you the details of the caravan we’re covering. So what sort of make, what model, when it was purchased and its year of manufacture. That’s important because if you have new for old cover, that will obviously determine how long the new for old cover runs for, depending on how old the caravan is or when you purchased it.

It will also highlight any specific conditions. We put certain things on ours to make it really easy for you not to miss the message. For example, ours will state on it about your hitch lock and your wheel clamp. We will also remind you that if you change your storage location that you need to let us know, otherwise you might invalidate your policy. And then it will also confirm what type of new for old cover you have, if you have any. If the caravan’s over five years of age you won’t have any new for old cover, so therefore it will tell you that accordingly.

It will also tell you your premium, your insurance premium tax and what the total was, and it will then tell you which of the insurance companies it’s been placed with, and it will state that effectively it’s only valid when it’s read in conjunction with your Key Facts Document and your Policy Wording.

It’s an important document and if anything on it is wrong, it’s really important, whether it’s us or anyone else, you ring your broker or your insurance company and tell them what’s inaccurate about it.

It’s your core information but should you lose it, it doesn’t invalidate the policy, it doesn’t stop you making a claim, you just need to speak to whoever your insurance company is, or broker and say to him, “I can’t find my certificate, have you got it?” We keep copies of everything. So it’s a bit of an old wives’ tale when they say, “If you lose your Policy or your Schedule of Insurance then you don’t have any insurance cover”. You do, and it all should be logged at this end.