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WhatCar names Sport4Motion towcar of 2007

After hitching 50 cars up to caravans and testing their capabilities in a range of ways, the Volkswagon Passat Estate 2.0 TDI Sport4Motion has emerged as WhatCar?’s towing car of the year for 2007.

Also winning the 1,575-1,724kg category, therefore perfect for towing the family caravan, WhatCar? said the Sport4Motion model was “a truly great all-rounder”.

There were five separate weight categories to suit everyone’s caravanning needs.

Volkswagen yet again drove away with a best towing car award, winning the category for towing weights of up to 1,425kg with its Golf 1.9 TDI Match 5dr model.

For those with middleweight caravans of between 1,425kg and 1,574kg it was adjudged that the Volvo V70 D5 SE was the best towcar in town, while in the 1725-1900kg category the Audi A6 Allroad 3.0 TDI quattro Tiptronic was tipped as the best buy.

The Land Rover Discovery TDV6 HSE auto was voted the best car for those with heavyweight caravans of over 1,900kg.

Although WhatCar? said that all of the cars were worthy of a place in the drive, the Sport4Motion won out overall, with a kerbweight of 1,609kg and a towball limit of 85kg.

Judges were particularly impressed by its ability to handled wet slopes at a gradient of 1-in-6 slope, which none of the other Estates could easily mange.

With its “well set-up suspension” and “all-weather” durability, any caravanner lucky enough to own one of these four-wheel drives is going to be tempted to test it to its limits, which is all the more reason to take out comprehensive caravan insurance.

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