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Why are touring caravan holidays so popular?

There can be many benefits to taking a holiday in your tourer. Our own research* recently revealed how over 75% of us have been – or plan to go on – a caravan based holiday, proving that caravanning has never really gone out of fashion!

Here are some great reasons why choosing a touring holiday may be appropriate for you:

  1. the cost. In today’s cost-conscious environment, why pay more for a holiday if you have to? Either taking your own tourer, hiring one, or staying in a static caravan means you can enjoy all the benefits of luxury accommodation (yes, caravans nowadays really can be luxurious) without a hefty price tag;
  1. freedom. Caravan holidays give you lots of freedom, whether you are hitting the open road in a tourer, or staying in a static home. If you don’t like your destination, in the case of a tourer, you can simply move on!
  1. caravan living means you have your very own home from home on wheels. No worries about cramming everything you need for your holiday into a suitcase, then paying baggage fees at the airport. You can simply pile everything you need in to your tourer and off you go – no weight limits and no hassle!
  1. you can do what you want, when you want. Unlike if you stay in a hotel, where you may have set mealtimes, in your caravan, you are in control. You can cook when you want, or eat out if you prefer, without being tied to the hotel timetable. People with children may particularly enjoy this freedom;
  1. going abroad in your tourer is easy enough to do. As long as you have continental cover and know the legal driving requirements of the country you are visiting (for example, in France, you are required to carry a breathalyser kit in your vehicle), Europe is your oyster!
  1. perhaps the best thing about staying in a caravan is that in the unfortunate event that it does rain, there is nothing that quite beats the feeling of being cosy in your tourer, hearing the pitter patter of raindrop on the caravan rooftop!

Caravanning really can be a fun, rewarding experience. If you are one of the few people who haven’t yet tried it, maybe your next holiday could be the one where you do!

*Research carried out March 2013 on behalf of Cover4Caravans.