Why compare touring caravan insurance?

Even if you have been a caravan devotee for a number of years and have had no real complaints about your current insurance deal, you may still find it worthwhile to compare touring caravan insurance.

That’s because nothing ever stays entirely the same.

For example, over the years you may have:

  • changed your caravan – you may have sold it and bought another or spent money refurbishing it;
  • changed how and where you use your caravan;
  • moved house or moved the storage location of your ‘van.

These are three of very many changes that may have happened over the years, any of which may have a bearing on your caravan insurance. So, taking a couple of minutes to compare touring caravan insurance to keep up to date with general trends may make sense.

Yet, when asked the question, “why should you compare touring caravan insurance”, most people respond by saying something relating to the opportunities for saving money.

However, as we at Cover4Caravans like to point out, there are a number of other reasons why you may do more than just save money on tourer caravan insurance:

  • if you have changed your caravan, then you may have opted for a better model with a higher standard of fixtures and fittings;
  • equally though, you may have downsized to a smaller caravan. In either circumstance, you may need to check your insurance levels for the value of the caravan and the type of contents cover that you have to make sure they still make sense for you (in fact, changing your caravan without notifying your policy provider may invalidate your cover entirely);
  • if you have more time to yourself these days, then you may take longer holidays than previously and venture further afield. Does your existing policy still offer value in terms of cover outside of the UK? Are your annual estimates for days abroad and mileage still accurate? It’s worth knowing;
  • perhaps if you have moved house, you may now be able to park your tourer in your driveway rather than leave it parked on the street. If your caravan is being kept in a more secure location when not in use, you could see a reduction in your touring caravan’s insurance premium. Here at Cover4Caravans, we will be pleased to offer a discount of up to 15% on your touring caravan insurance if you choose such a CaSSOA-approved site;
  • you may have improved the security of your caravan by fitting a tracking device and possibly an alarm system. These changes may all result in lower premiums (If you compare insurance for touring caravans, you may find that some policies actually insist on some types of security as mandatory, such as the use of wheel clamps and hitchlocks in certain circumstances);
  • if you are on a touring holiday in your caravan and break down, you potentially have lost not only your means of transport, but you may also have lost your holiday accommodation. When you compare touring caravan insurance, you may wish to review the provision your current policy makes for these circumstances against what may be available elsewhere.

The cost factor

Returning to the question of cost once again and your quest for cheap caravan insurance, one of the things that it is sometimes intuitively difficult to grasp about caravan insurance is that it isn’t necessarily advisable to become exclusively focused on the cost of a policy.

For many people, that advice naturally runs a little against the grain. We live in a society where cost containment is, for the vast majority of people, a major daily imperative. Trying to suggest otherwise can sometimes be a challenge.

However, in the context of caravan insurance, it’s extremely important to remember that the cost of a policy will be entirely irrelevant to you in a situation where you are considering making a claim. In such circumstances, your focus will be 100% on the nature of the cover the policy provides and the amount you may have paid for it won’t be a consideration.

All your focus would be on whether or not the problem is covered by the policy.

It therefore seems logical to conclude that you should be selecting your policy at the outset not based upon its price but on the cover and security it provides.

How to compare tourer caravan insurance

Of course, price cannot be entirely excluded from caravan insurance reviews and nor should it be, but let’s take a look at the host of other factors you might take into consideration when comparing tourer insurance:

Look carefully at the excess

  • for a policy to carry an “excess” is perfectly normal – it is the sum of money that the policy provider will expect you to contribute towards the cost of any future successful claims;
  • however, the level of that mandatory excess can vary considerably – a policy that looks to bring with it an almost unbeatable ticket price might carry a commensurately high excess;
  • in the event you need to make a claim against your policy, suddenly it might not appear to be quite so cheap after all;

Consider your own situation versus the policy’s stipulation on ages

  • policies may contain a number of different clauses relating to the minimum or indeed maximum ages of owners or towing drivers;
  • there’s nothing wrong with that, providing that your own family situation won’t be adversely affected by it;

Overseas travel inclusion

  • when undertaking touring caravan insurance reviews, you may see that some policies might not automatically include cover for use outside of the UK;
  • although many policies might include such cover, there may be considerable differences in terms of how many days of overseas cover is included per annum or whether or not the maximum duration of an individual trip outside the UK is restricted too;
  • it’s worth checking because again, a lower-cost policy might not seem to be quite such a good deal if you need to start paying for lots of additional cover every time you leave the country;

New for old cover

  • in qualifying conditions, some policies might offer you a new-for-old caravan replacement if your caravan is up to five years old, even with multiple previous owners (which is what we at Cover4Caravans do);
  • by contrast, other policies may be far more restrictive and only offer cover up to five years if you have been the sole owner from new;
  • note also that some policies might cut off new-for-old replacement at two or three years;

External items

  • another potential area where cover can differ is that associated with protecting external items when they are in use;
  • examples of things to think about might be awnings, external furniture, satellite dishes and so on;


  • awnings are a particular case in point – some policies may not cover them at all;
  • others may do so but only for certain specific types;
  • yet other policies may cover awnings in terms of the general category but only if you meet certain usage conditions when out and about in your caravan.

Campsite and pitch requirements

  • almost all touring caravan insurance will contain some conditions relating to what is or is not permissible once you unhitch your caravan and start to use it on site;
  • however, some policies may contain more demanding provisions in this respect including specifying the minimum security features a site must have before their cover will be considered to be in force;
  • it is important to be clear that you understand any such stipulations and much more importantly, that you will be able to comply with them when you are out and about using your touring caravan;

Out of season parking and storage

  • you might find that some providers will be keen to offer incentives, usually in the form of premium discounts, for you to park your caravan up securely and safely when not in use – typically during the winter season;
  • some, though, may have very specific requirements as to where you can park your caravan when not in use at any time – they might include a blanket ban on on-street parking or parking on your own driveway etc;

Further discounts

  • you may discover when you compare touring caravan insurance quotes, that some providers may offer discounts if you are a member of a recognised caravan club, as they believe that this is an indication of a serious and responsible caravan user. These may often be called “caravan club insurance discounts”, which we at Cover4Caravans offer.

Reviewing your current touring caravan insurance

There may be a tendency to argue that caravan insurance reviews aren’t important because broadly speaking all caravan insurance is more or less the same.

That sentiment is simply incorrect – caravan insurance policies can vary significantly from one to another.

Essentially the key message is – what you are getting for your money may differ considerably from one insurance provider to another.

Caravan insurance reviews are important for another reason.

Insurance providers regularly change what they call their “cover propositions”. In other words, what their policies cover, and their associated terms and conditions can change from one year to another as they bring out new products.

It therefore only makes sense, assuming you are interested in maintaining the most appropriate cover possible for your particular caravan, to check the market on a regular basis to see what’s out there (we can do that on your behalf at Cover4Caravans, using our “get a quote” button).

It’s perfectly possible that reasonable as your existing policy is, there may now be more suitable ones available.

Caravan insurance reviews allow you to compare your existing degree of protection against perhaps more up-to-date offerings in the marketplace.

It’s perfectly possible that your existing policy is still the most suitable fit for your current situation. However, it might be better to know that with some degree of certainty and confidence, rather than just to assume it.

Finally, remember that at Cover4Caravans, we are always here at the end of the telephone to help you with any questions or concerns you have regarding your touring insurance.