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Why holiday in a caravan?

Some people might tell you that the heyday of caravan holidays in the UK were the decades running from the end of the 1940s through to around the earlier 1970s.

In those austere days, the attractions of cheap caravan insurance and overall low-cost holidays meant that statics, tourers and holiday camps, were the mainstay of much British holiday making.

Whilst it is true that the advent of mass tourism to the Mediterranean in the 1960s and 1970s dented popularity of the holiday caravan somewhat, things have changed significantly over more recent times.

Why is this?

The staycation

The financial and economic traumas that started in 2007 caused many people to look again at how to get out in the open air and have fun but without paying a fortune for that privilege.

Focus switched rapidly to caravans because not only are they cost-effective but their very nature had changed massively since those far-off days of the 1950s etc.

Today, many contain all modern facilities and are fully connected to mains services.  Some are equipped to designer-level and are based in some wonderful UK locations.

So, understandably, people began to move back into these traditional holidays and that trend continues.

Of course, if you are planning to let out your caravan to take advantage of this fact, remember that you may need to consider the insurance issues.  Here at Cover4Caravans we can help you with appropriate advice and guidance.

Old perceptions

Inevitably, some people still see these holidays in terms of those outdated images from yesteryear.

For example, our recent survey* indicated that some potential holidaymakers still see them as being too cramped and lacking in facilities whilst others believe that there is some form of stigma attached to this type of break.

In the case of the first category, that is a pity because it means the people concerned are failing to take advantage of some of the great offers that are now available in some pretty luxurious caravans.

Considering the second category of responders, it is difficult to see how there can be any stigma attached to staying in a beautiful country location close to some of the most beautiful spots that the UK can offer.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the discussion to date hasn’t covered the possibility of using a tourer to get around and see parts of the continent that might simply not be accessible from traditional package tours.

So, although old perceptions die hard, perhaps it is time that these were finally killed off and people sampled this type of holiday again.


Independent study carried out on behalf of, March 2013