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4 things to look for in a caravans insurance comparison

Performing a comparison between two insurance policies is always easier if you know what you are looking for.

The following points might be a few things worth keeping in mind:

  • the caravan cover provided.  At a very high level, the cover provided by one policy might appear to be very similar to that of another.  Yet look a little beneath the surface and check for things such as whether or not awnings are covered or younger / older drivers etc.;
  • exclusions. You might find some policies that exclude things you might prefer they did not.  Things to look for here might include flood damage, contents above a certain individual value, damage incurred outside of the UK and so on;
  • terms and conditions.  There is no need to worry if a policy contains conditions – that in itself is perfectly normal.  Yet do read them carefully because there may make a large difference to the suitability of the policy for you.  Classic points to note might include what the policy requires of your site, the security precautions you are expected to take with your caravan, who can tow it and exactly what you might have to do in the event of a claim.  There may be nothing wrong with any of these but you need to be sure that you can comply with them or your ability to claim in future might be limited;
  • the price.  No caravans insurance comparison would be complete without making some attempt to consider one price against another.  Yet remember to make sure you are comparing like-for-like.  One policy might be apparently much more attractively priced but if it offers reduced cover as a result, then you may need to think about where your priorities are.

Important as a comparison of this nature is, it has to be admitted that it can be a fairly tedious process.

If you don’t like the thought of wading through lots of individual policies yourself, you might be better using a specialist provider of caravan insurance that can help you by making available a number of policy options from various providers – all of which will already have been reviewed.