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Where can I buy cheap static caravan insurance?

Having enjoyed a record breaking summer in 2018, you are probably thanking your lucky stars for your foresight in buying a static caravan as a holiday home.

Remember, though, that your second home also needs the protection of adequate insurance in both the sunshine and the rain – not to mention the storms and freezing cold of winter months.

Static caravan insurance may provide an essential safeguard, but just like any other insurance, you want to avoid paying an arm and a leg for it.

So, now might be just the time to be asking yourself whether cheap static caravan insurance really does exist.

So, you want to buy cheap static home insurance?

During troubled economic times, it is perfectly understandable that some caravan owners may find the idea of cheap static caravan insurance to be particularly attractive.

There is nothing wrong with thinking of economy when you are looking for caravan insurance and being attracted by advertisements claiming to offer cheap static caravan insurance is understandable.

Yet it is important to note that the price of a static caravan insurance policy is only one component of the overall package.

Your static caravan is very likely to be unique to you. Where you site it, its value, the nature of any contents it contains and the way you use it, etc., will define your requirements for static caravan insurance.

None of these things necessarily relate directly to the price. So, for example, if you decide that you require a high level of static contents cover then what someone else has found to be a cheap policy, may not prove to be cheap for you if it does not provide the contents cover you require.

You may be happy to pay more for a policy providing you with what you need and still consider it to be “cheap at the price”.

Static caravan insurance policies may vary from each other in many ways and, by definition, you may find some to be more to your liking than others.

Cheap vs. value for money

So, if you are asking yourself where you can find the cheapest static caravan insurance, you might want to think again and ask whether you are asking the right question.

Whenever you are buying insurance – or any other product for that matter – the most important question that should be asked is whether the product offers good value for money, delivering everything you want from it at a competitive price.

Always bear in mind that the cheapest is not always going to offer the most appropriate protection. Cheap static caravan insurance may be your goal, but value for money – in terms of the cover you need, at a competitive rate, is more likely to secure the better deal.

And remember, what your site neighbour or friend thinks is cheap static home insurance does not necessarily mean it will be the cheapest – or most appropriate – caravan insurance for you.

Where to buy – knowing where to look

Before you buy the cover you need – and compare static caravan insurance quotes – it helps to know where you might look:

The holiday park owners

  • when you sign the lease agreement for your pitch on the caravan site, you might get the impression that you have little choice – you are almost certain to be offered static caravan insurance by the park’s management and feel under some pressure to buy it from them;
  • in fact, very few lease agreements impose such an obligation, so you are free to shop around, compare static caravan insurance online, and buy the cover from wherever you choose;
  • all that the park management may be able to insist upon is sight of the insurance document as evidence that you have a minimum level of public liability insurance – for the protection of your neighbours and other park visitors who might be injured or have their property damaged and hold you responsible;
  • you may be charged a small administrative fee if you choose to source any insurance requirement elsewhere – but you are still likely to be saving money from buying your cover independently;

Choose a specialist broker

  • you might use your freedom to shop around to decide for yourself what insurance cover might be appropriate and look for it using your own resources – online, for example;
  • arranging the appropriate insurance depends on your knowing what needs to be covered and the nature and extent of the policy you are looking for – something which for the relatively inexperienced caravanner might be difficult in itself;
  • but that is only half of the story, since when you have determined what insurance you are looking for, you next need to find out whether it is available in the current insurance market;
  • unless you have a particular inside knowledge of the intricacies of the insurance market, you might find that expertise and experience of a specialist broker in static caravan insurance, such as ourselves at Cover4Caravans, may help to find the appropriate match between the two halves of your quest;
  • indeed, the government sponsored Money Advice Service suggests that a broker may help you to find better cover at the most favourable price;
  • these include the free advice you may be given, the identification of those risks you might not have spotted yourself, the help you may need in making a claim, and the access to competitively priced policies which are often available exclusively through a broker, so satisfying your search for cheap static caravan insurance which represents excellent value for money;
  • by using a caravan insurance specialist, you are likely to get a choice of caravan cover, too, from a number of insurers, meaning you can choose the cover most cost-effective and appropriate for you;
  • and finding the most suitable insurance for your static home is typically just a click or two away when you visit us here at Cover4Caravans and ask for your online quote or make a telephone enquiry.

What’s covered

As with any insurance, the protection for your static holiday caravan is only as good as the risks and perils covered by your insurance policy – the details of which are likely to vary from one insurer to another, of course:

The caravan

  • the single most important element of cover is likely to be protection of the caravan itself against such potentially catastrophic risks as fire, flooding, storm damage, impacts and vandalism;
  • a cause for particular concern – given the damage such incidents may cause – is the risk of flooding and whether your policy extends cover in such an eventuality;
  • holiday caravan parks in some parts of the country may be more vulnerable to flooding than others, so it may pay to check on the Environment Agency’s scalable map whether your caravan is in just such an area – if it is, you may find it more difficult to secure insurance or find that you need to pay more for it;
  • a further area of concern when insuring the caravan concerns the possibility of a total loss and whether the insurer offers replacement on a new for old basis or whether depreciation is taken into account – the age of your caravan typically affects whether the insurer is prepared to replace it or offer a settlement based on its market value before the incident;

The contents

  • just as you might want to protect the contents of your main place of residence, static caravan insurance may also extend to the contents – which may have mounted steadily in value as you make use of your second home;
  • the total sum insured for the contents is an important aspect in ensuring that you are neither underinsured (when the settlement of a claim may be insufficient to cover the costs of replacement) or overinsured (in which case, you may be paying more for the cover than you really need);

Public liability

  • as part of the general terms and conditions when agreeing the lease for your holiday home’s pitch, the park owners may insist that you have adequate public liability insurance – to cover claims from other residents, visitors or members of the public who may be injured or have their property damaged in connection with your ownership of the static caravan;
  • injury claims, in particular, pay amount to very substantial amounts, so you may not be surprised to learn that your holiday home insurance under this heading is for an amount up to £1 million;

Playing your part

  • a key part of any insurance contract is the insured’s responsibility for ensuring that all reasonable steps are taken to mitigate the risk of damage or loss – and static caravan insurance is no exception;
  • in this case, it is likely to involve specific precautions to be taken during those months of the year when the holiday park is closed, and your caravan stands empty;
  • such precautions may include the removal of items of particular value, confirmation of the holiday park’s security arrangements during the closed season, disconnection of gas and electricity supplies, and the draining down of all the water systems.

Additional considerations

In addition to the principal headings of cover, you might also want to compare static caravan insurance quotes to identify any which:

  • impose restrictions relating to the location of your static home that are unacceptable to you (or that you are simply unable to comply with); or
  • whether you may qualify for discounts to help you reduce the cost of your premiums by doing things such as fitting smoke and fire alarms or intruder detection devices.


In the final analysis, your caravan insurance cover may one day be the only thing that stands between you and some very severe costs in the event that your static home is damaged. It therefore makes sense to be as certain as you can be that you have insurance that is a good match for your circumstances.

Some forethought to issues such as these and discussion with a specialist static caravan insurance expert, such as ourselves at Cover4Caravans, might help ensure that you get the best value for money from your insurance cover.

In that overall context, therefore, your intention to buy cheap static home insurance may become a secondary issue to buying cover that represents good value for money in terms of the protection needed by you and your holiday home.

What does touring caravan insurance cover?

If you are looking for tourer insurance for your caravan, it seems reasonable to ask just what it might cover.

You might be surprised, however, how many owners who are new to the joys of caravanning – as well as a few seasoned old hands – are more than a little hazy about quite what risks tourer insurance does and does not cover.

Buying any form of insurance, including tourer caravan insurance, may sometimes be something that’s a little fraught with uncertainty. Terminology may be confusing and sometimes things are described in unnecessarily complex terms.

On top of that, insurance products change, along with the type of caravan you are using over the years, the nature of the outings you make in it, and the risks that need the protection of appropriate insurance.

That is why it is important to not only regularly review your cover to make sure you have the most appropriate touring caravan insurance available, but also to notify your insurer of any changes to your caravan (such as where it is stored) as soon as possible.

Do I have to have touring caravan insurance?

When you are towing a caravan, the law does not require that you have separate touring caravan insurance.

The vehicle you are driving of course has a legal requirement for a minimum of third party insurance – and that cover typically extends to the caravan you are towing too. (Not that we say “typically” – it is imperative that you check with your motor insurance provider as to what cover your caravan has, if any, under your car insurance policy).

But even if your motor insurance is upgraded to fully comprehensive cover, you are likely to find that it provides protection against third party risks only for your caravan – leaving the trailer completely vulnerable to fire, theft or accidental damage.

That is why separate, specialist touring caravan insurance is necessary.

What touring caravan insurance covers

In reality, getting a quote for and buying caravan insurance can be easy. Plus, the basic principles of tourer caravan insurance are very straightforward:

  • cover is typically provided for damage to (or theft of) the caravan – touring caravan insurance ensures that your caravan is protected – whether it is parked on your driveway at home, stored elsewhere, being towed or pitched anywhere along the route of your current holiday.
  • financial protection is also extended to the contents of your caravan (some policies may have certain exclusions, such as high-value jewellery or PCs etc);
  • this extends to those times when your caravan is still hitched to the towing vehicle and when it is unhitched – but your insurer is likely to insist that you use a hitch-lock if the caravan is unattended and still connected to the towing vehicle and wheel-clamps when it is unhitched;
  • your tourer insurance cover takes into account the make, model, age and value of the caravan – and some policies may offer replacement as new settlements in the event of a total loss of a ‘van that is less than two years old. At Cover4Caravans, we provide new for old cover for both statics and tourers up to 5 years old, regardless of the number of owners;
  • some policies may also provide third-party liability cover – that exists in case you are sued by someone, who believes they have suffered personal injury (or property damage), as a result of your caravan.

But remember that cover varies from one insurer to another

Along with common elements of cover, things may vary depending upon the offer that the touring insurance provider is making. It’s therefore important to take the time to read carefully your initial quotation and the policy documentation before you make a purchasing decision.

That is to ensure that you understand the caravan cover being offered, plus any conditions, exclusions and obligations so as to be clear it is a good match for your situation.

It’s also typically advisable to compare cover caravan insurance policies as some may simply offer protection that is more commensurate with your use of your caravan.

Reassurance from your specialist broker

The costs of getting inappropriate or inadequate cover may be steep indeed. So, you might be reassured by the expertise and experience offered by an independent broker such as ourselves here at Cover4Caravans.

Citizens’ Advice recommends the use of a broker if you are looking for advice about insurance or want a specialist policy – such as tourer insurance.

As independent brokers, we put your interests first and foremost by offering a choice of tourer insurance. To make sure that your tourer insurance provides appropriate safeguards against those risks which it needs to cover, it must be tailored to meet your particular needs, requirements and circumstances.

If you already have caravan insurance, you are almost certain to receive a renewal notice each year. Indeed, some people see buying insurance as such a hassle that they simply annually renew with the same provider and don’t even bother to see if they could get a more attractive deal elsewhere! That shouldn’t be the case! As we mentioned at the start of this article, policies, prices and the cover offered change all the time – what is an appropriate policy for you now may not be the most suitable policy for you this time next year.

You can get a quote from a number of specialist tourer insurance providers all from one place with us, as well as buy caravan insurance online or over the telephone. Or, if you prefer or need any further help or advice, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 9707 172.

How do policies differ?

There are some important differences in the levels of protection offered by different insurers.

In the event of the worst coming to the worst and your caravan being totally written off in a major event – such as a fire, for example – a number of insurers offer to replace the caravan with an identical model as new, provided your insured ‘van was less than two years old, or less than five years old if you have been the sole owner since it was new.

Policies arranged through us here at Cover4Caravans, on the other hand, offer new for old replacement of any caravan that is less than five years old, regardless of the number of owners there may have been before you bought it.

Are any discounts offered on touring caravan insurance?

Responsible and careful caravan owners are more than likely to be members of a recognised caravan club – receiving regular tips and suggestions on enhancing security and maintaining your caravan in tiptop condition, for example.

Here at Cover4Caravans, therefore, our policies recognise the importance of club membership by granting a discount on the premiums members need to pay.

More specifically, our policies also recognise that caravans are at perhaps their most vulnerable when they are not in regular use and effectively put into storage for, say, the winter months.

A further discount on your premiums, therefore, is also available if you agree to store your caravan at one of the high-security sites recognised and registered with the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA).

How much does tourer insurance cost?

Inevitably, price is a subject for serious consideration, but it may be advisable to pause a little before presuming that advertisements for cheap caravan cover will necessarily offer a suitable solution for you.

Cheap caravan cover may not offer the same match to your requirements as another, perhaps marginally more expensive policy. If it does then fine but if it doesn’t, keep in mind that if you need to claim, you won’t be bothered at all about how cheap or expensive your policy was – you’ll only want to know what cover it provides.

The bottom line may be that what proves to be cheap for someone else may not be suitable for you or prove to be cheap in the event you need to make a claim – so keeping the price in perspective may be advisable.

Excesses and no claims bonuses

Just as with many other forms of insurance, your tourer insurance is likely to incorporate an excess which you need to pay in the event of a claim – but by agreeing to an increase in the amount of that excess, you may earn a reduction in the cost of your premiums.

if you remain claims free from one year to the next, you also qualify for valuable no claims discounts.

In summary

Tourer caravan insurance need not be complicated, but you may need to be prepared to allocate a few minutes to sitting and reading the detail, if you are to avoid missing out on a cost-effective and suitable solution.

Alternatively, please get in touch, either on the telephone or via email, and one of our professional (and friendly!) team will be able to help you find suitable caravan cover.

Finding the most suitable static home cover

Having enjoyed what was a record-breaking summer of sunshine, you are probably thanking your lucky stars for your foresight in buying a static caravan as a holiday home for next year – or at least preparing to buy one.

Remember, though, that your second home also needs the protection of adequate insurance in both the sunshine and the rain – not to mention the storms and freezing cold of winter months. Static caravan insurance may provide an essential safeguard, but just like any other insurance, you want to avoid paying an arm and a leg for it.

So, now might be just the time to be asking yourself whether cheap static caravan insurance quotes really do exist – or, more to the point, whether any particular policy provides suitable cover.

What makes it suitable?

Whenever you are buying insurance, one of your biggest concerns is likely to be whether it provides suitable cover.

Your concerns might loom larger still when it comes to static caravan insurance, since it is a specialist type of insurance, yet one which plays a critical role in protecting the enjoyment of your holiday home.

These are concerns we fully recognise here at Cover4Caravans, where we are firmly of the belief that the most appropriate caravan insurance for you is the insurance that meets your particular, individual needs and requirements – it not necessarily the cheapest that makes it suitable, so we select and tailor our policies accordingly.

Site owner’s cover

If you are asking yourself “what does static home insurance cover”, the question of its suitability might not even cross your mind

After all, the insurance is likely to be offered to you by the management of the site on which your holiday home is berthed – and you think they probably know best about the cover that suits.

Before leaping to accept any offer from the park management, however, it may be wise to give the subject more than a second thought.

Although the management of your static caravan park is likely to require that you have insurance to cover your liability for injuries or property damage suffered by your neighbouring holiday home owners, their visitors and members of the public, it is much rarer these days for them to insist that you purchase the insurance through them.

Here is a brief summary of the current position:

  • site owners may have a legal right to require you to have third-party liability cover as a minimum form of static caravan insurance. They may also have a right to ask you to demonstrate that to them. Making a modest administration charge for inspecting and copying your insurance certificate might not be unreasonable;
  • in typical situations, the site owners do not have a legal right to insist that you purchase their cover. There may be some unusual exceptions to that, such as when deeds and pitch ownership obligations so require but these are not common.

Shop around

One of the leading park owners in the UK, Park Resorts, for example, mentions the importance of static caravan insurance – especially if you choose to let your holiday home to tenants – but makes no reference to where the cover may be bought.

Since you are not legally obliged to have your site owner’s cover, this means you can shop around for cover and choose a policy that is appropriate and cost-effective for your needs.

Note: you may find that your site owner may charge a nominal fee to make sure you have the correct element of liability insurance if you source your own policy, but even then, you can often still make savings on the cost of your static home insurance.

There is more than one market for static caravan insurance and, to ensure that you get the cover that is exactly right for you and at a competitive price, it almost certainly pays to shop around.

Here at Cover4Caravans, for instance, we have more than 70 years’ of expertise and experience in the caravan insurance market. It has helped us to build up a clear picture of the needs and requirements of our many customers, matching those needs to tailor-made insurance solutions thanks to our network of contacts across this sector of the insurance industry.

The advantages of using an independent insurance broker are described by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA), which lists ten good reasons for doing so. These include the free advice you may be given, the identification of those risks you might not have spotted yourself, the help you may need in making a claim, and the access to competitively priced policies which are often available exclusively through a broker, so satisfying your search for cheap static caravan insurance which represents excellent value for money.

By using a caravan insurance specialist, you are likely to get a choice of caravan cover, too, from a number of insurers, meaning you can select the static home insurance cover most cost-effective and appropriate for you.

Factors determining the suitability of static home cover

When you are looking to compare static caravan insurance, there are a number of factors likely to determine its suitability:


  • rely on our expertise in helping to arrive at a realistic and accurate valuation of your static caravan;
  • under-estimate its value and you risk being underinsured, with insufficient to cover its replacement in the event of a total loss, but over-insure it and you end up paying more in premiums than you otherwise need;


  • many static caravans make ideal holiday homes for letting to visitors;
  • if this is your intention, make sure to include such use in the static caravan insurance you arrange – the additional risks might mean a slight increase in the premiums you pay;
  • if you make it clear that you have no such intention, therefore, you may save on the cost of the premiums;

Public liability

  • public liability cover is the element of static caravan insurance upon which your park management is likely to insist – for the protection of other users and visitors to the park;
  • it is essential for indemnifying you against claims from neighbours, their visitors or members of the public who may be injured or have their property damaged through some contact with your caravan and the claim that you have been a negligent owner;


  • make the most of the various discounts that might be provided by some static caravan insurance providers;
  • here at Cover4Caravans, for example, we offer discounts to customers who are a member of a recognised caravan club.

We are able to make the searches on your behalf so that you can compare static caravan insurance online. You might also want to confer with other static caravan owners by reading the pages published by the Static Caravan Club, for example, or the new discussion forum opened on Caravan Talk in October 2017.

How static caravan insurance varies

At the risk of generalising, static caravan insurance policies may have a tendency to come in one of two forms:

  • policies with a very basic degree of in-the-price cover only. These sometimes, at face value, appear very cost-attractive but the downside might be that adding in lots of options you think essential might start to ramp-up the final price;
  • those that contain a high degree of basic comprehensive cover included in the price.

For example, some policies might cover as standard:

  • if your caravan is under a specified number of years of age, automatic new for old cover even if there have been multiple previous owners;
  • extended public liability cover;
  • cover for static caravans let out for income generation;
  • significant no claims discounts that can also reflect the same arising on your car or home insurance;
  • contents cover;
  • incentives through discounts for additional security measures you might install; etc.

How you use your static caravan

When you compare static caravan insurance, it is important to take into account the way in which you intend to use your holiday home:

  • you use your static fairly infrequently for weekend breaks only and it is furnished to basic levels;
  • it’s a home-from-home for you and you use it regularly for several weeks each year. It’s furnished to a high standard;
  • it is sitting on a fully serviced and secure (24×7) site;
  • there is little or no security on site outside of office hours;
  • it’s located on a cliff site overlooking the sea or perhaps alongside a river inland;
  • you alone use it;

In all these situations and others like them, your requirements and the type of cover you’ll need may vary from one case to another. So, a degree of flexibility in your static caravan insurance cover is typically very important.

Recap of static home insurance essentials

  • at the heart of your insurance cover is the protection of the holiday home itself against loss or damage through exposure to risks such as storm damage, fire, flooding, impacts, theft and vandalism;
  • getting the appropriate cover is a combination of many factors, including the age, make and model of the caravan itself, plus its location, and how you intend to use it (for your own exclusive use, for example, or occasionally let to paying guests);
  • the age of your static caravan may be critical since many parks and resorts impose a maximum number of years before your lease expires;
  • also, on the subject of age of your ‘van, insurers typically offer a new for old replacement of caravans that become a total loss depending on the age of the ‘van, plus how many owners it has had. At Cover4Caravans, in the event of a successful claim, we offer new for old cover on both static home and tourers up to 5 years old and regardless of the number of previous owners;
  • remember, too, that any major refit or refurbishment of your static caravan is likely to increase its value – when you may need to review the total sum insured;

Liability insurance

  • one of the elements of insurance frequently overlooked by owners of static caravans is the importance of liability insurance;
  • if someone injures themselves when visiting your holiday home, they may hold you liable (alleging that you failed to keep it in a safe state of repair, for instance) and claim damages in compensation;
  • alternatively, your static home may be responsible for damage caused to a neighbouring caravan (a piece of loose decking flies off and strikes your neighbour’s during a storm, for example) – again you may be held liable;
  • liability insurance is designed to provide indemnity against such claims – and the legal costs that may be involved in defending them;
  • your adequate liability insurance is also one of the principal concerns of most park managers – who share a responsibility for ensuring the safety of other residents and their visitors.

Finding the most suitable cover, therefore, relies on your clear understanding of what is static caravan insurance. Here at Cover4Caravans, not only are we able to help you gain that thorough understanding, but also shop around on your behalf, allowing you to compare static caravan insurance online, before arranging the most suitable cover to meet your particular needs and circumstances.

How to compare static caravan insurance

If you’re wondering just how to best go about trying to get a more attractive deal on your static home insurance cover, some of the answers to frequently asked questions below might be of assistance.

Is a comparison going to require a lot of my time?

Possibly, though it rather depends on how you go about it.

If you intend to look up lots of individual insurers and obtain many individual quotes, then you are likely to need a substantial amount of time if you are going to do justice to reviewing them in detail.

An alternative might be to go to a specialist provider of static caravan insurance cover, like us at Cover4Caravans, to ask for options.

What does static caravan insurance cover?

To get answers to the question “what does static insurance cover”, it would be necessary to read each individual policy carefully. Policies vary from one provider to another.

However, generally speaking, a policy of this type might cover you for:

  • the destruction of or serious damage to, your caravan arising from one of a range of specified perils;
  • the loss or destruction of your contents due to the same circumstances;
  • things such as illegal entry to your caravan and the theft of its contents;
  • third party liability (should another person claim damages against you due to injury or losses they might have suffered as a result of your caravan).

Will comparing quotations get me a cheaper price?

Perhaps – but it might be better to think in terms of cost-effective solutions rather than use the word cheap when trying to compare static caravan insurance

There is an important distinction between the two. Cheap simply means the lowest cost and what might prove to be cheap for someone else might not end up being so for you.

By contrast, cost-effective means looking at the price in the context of the cover provided and taking into account any limitations and conditions of the policy concerned.

Why shouldn’t I just purchase the cheapest cover I can find?

Price is typically and also understandably one of the top priorities for many static caravan owners searching for static home insurance quotes online.

However, it immediately becomes the lowest possible priority in any situation where you need to turn to your policy to make a claim.

If you reach that point, you will only be concerned about the quality of the cover provided by the policy and not its cost. That’s something that might suggest it would be a smart move to select a policy on that basis in the first place and not exclusively upon its price tag.

Can I reduce the cost of my existing policy?

You might be able to do so.

The fine detail may depend upon what your policy allows you to do and how flexible your provider is. It is something perhaps best progressed by looking at the detail of the policy or having a discussion with whoever you purchased it from.

You may, for example, be able to obtain a significant discount in return for taking a higher excess on the policy.

Can my postcode make a difference to the price I pay?

It may do – in the sense of the postcode of your chosen site.

You’ll typically find that there are some static caravan sites which are considered to be more or less risky than others.

For example, a well-known risk for static caravans from an insurance point of view is flooding. If you therefore position your caravan on a site with a history of flooding then you might typically see higher static caravan insurance quotes than if your location has no history of flooding problems.

Can I live permanently in my static caravan?

This involves issues relating to your site contract, possibly local laws and static caravan insurance quotes. We will only deal with the last of those here.

Typically, no you cannot. Your static caravan policy will typically only cover your static for situations where you are using it occasionally during the year for recreational purposes.

Must I purchase the site owner’s insurance?

Your static may be on a site where the owners will try to persuade you to purchase their static caravan insurance.

They may be entitled to ask for evidence that you have such cover. That’s because they are under an obligation to run a safe site and that might include needing to ensure all owners have appropriate third party liability cover in place.

It might also be perfectly legitimate for them to attempt to offer you their provided cover – something which might earn them a commission from their insurance provider. However, typically you are under no legal obligation to purchase the cover they offer and you’re free to compare static caravan insurance across multiple potential providers.

What is excluded from static caravan insurance?

Each policy will be different and will need to be read to be sure the exclusions are understood.

Some static caravan insurance policies may exclude things such as:

  • flood risks – that may be particularly the case if your caravan is located on a site with a documented history of flooding. Some other policies may offer cover but may apply certain special conditions or require a higher premium;
  • awnings – these may be relatively popular with owners of static caravans and extremely useful as a way of expanding sitting and leisure areas but not all policies may cover them (note that even if your awning is covered, contents stored underneath it may not be);
  • burglary/vandalism – unless your site has some form of access control and/or supervisory presence.

What happens in terms of new-for-old caravan cover?

At Cover4Caravans, we offer new-for-old replacement for a caravan up to five years old (regardless of the amount of previous owners).

Other providers may have much more restricted cover, such as market value replacement.

What should I do for winter?

Many static parks close over the winter season. Typical insurance for a static caravan may require you to drain down water or heating systems to reduce the risks of water-related damage from burst pipes etc.

Read your policy carefully for details.

How to compare caravan insurance

At Cover4Caravans, our online tools allow you to compare caravan insurance online so that you can find the most cost-effective and appropriate policy for you. So, if you are carrying out a caravan or static home insurance comparison – whether using our service or not – what do you need to consider?

Price isn’t everything

Firstly, it’s important not to focus exclusively on the advertised price. Of course, it’s natural for this to catch your eye but it can be misleading.

When you start comparing caravan insurance, the price may be far from the first thing to consider. The reasoning is simple – it doesn’t tell you what you’re getting for the money.

It’s like knowing that car ‘A’ costs £10,000 and car ‘B’, £13,000. The difference in cost sounds massive, but it means nothing unless you know what the two vehicles are.

If car ‘A’ is a basic model and ‘B’ a luxurious family saloon, you may decide the higher price is better value and more suitable for your needs.

So, how do you know what makes caravan insurance policy ‘A’ different to policy ‘B’?

Making a comparison

What do you need to know when carrying out a caravan insurance comparison? To start, the basics should include:

  • understanding what the policies cover including what elements of protection come as standard and what don’t – this may vary among caravan insurance providers;
  • knowing what optional extras are available;
  • understanding things the policies don’t cover. These are sometimes called “the exclusions”, and these may include certain items or certain circumstances. part of this will also be the qualifying conditions. These usually relates to restrictions on where your caravan can or cannot be parked when it’s not in use or, for static homes, what you need to do when it will be unoccupied for a long period of time (e.g. over the winter);
  • what is the policy excess;
  • finding out whether any discounts are available.

What does caravan insurance cover?

There are usually standard features provided in any caravan insurance policy. However, these can vary widely from one insurer to another. Our policies at Cover4Caravans, for example, include:

  • protection against storm damage;
  • theft of the caravan;
  • third party liability;
  • contents cover if required;
  • free Continental cover up to 240 days per annum for tourers;
  • plus much more!

New for old replacement

You should also check what the new for old replacement terms are. There is likely to be the maximum age of the caravan qualifying for such replacement and these vary among providers. In the event of loss, we will replace your tourer or static aged up to five years old, regardless of the amount of previous owners. (Not all policies provide this).

Optional extras

While standard policy features provide the backbone of your insurance, you may want to have the option to further tailor the coverage to meet your needs and requirements.

Examples of such extras might include:

  • cover for your awning;
  • the provision of alternative accommodation if your caravan is stolen, lost or damaged while you’re touring in it;
  • the ability to protect your no claims discount; and
  • the freedom to choose an additional, voluntary excess in return for lower premiums.

Terms, conditions and exclusions

You may expect to find these in any policy. However, it’s advisable to read them carefully as part of your caravan insurance comparison.

There are too many potential combinations for us to go into too much detail, but it’s important not to disregard this area. Some of these exclusions and conditions may be more demanding than others and have a significant effect on whether you’re able to make a successful claim. Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure of any aspect of the cover.

What is the policy excess?

The excess is the first part of any successful claim that you are to cover. When comparing caravan insurance policies, consider the level of excess that applies to any successful claim.

Although there will be a mandatory excess, many providers – such as ourselves – offer further voluntary excess in return for lower premiums.

Look out for discounts

Here at Cover4Caravans, we offer attractive discounts (up to 15%) on your insurance premiums if you arrange secure storage at a site registered with the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA). Of the 500 or so sites around the country, each one is rated according to a scale of three different levels of security and is subject to regular inspection of its storage facilities.

We also offer discounts for members of recognised caravan clubs and for security devices such as Phantom Tracker.


Once you have found the most suitable caravan insurance policy for you, don’t forget to pay attention to the valuation of your ‘van.

An accurate and realistic assessment of your caravan is essential for establishing the total sum that needs insuring. This is the basis for comparing levels of compensation for loss or damage.

So, if you recently upgraded your static home – for example, you have put in a new kitchen – you may need to increase the sum insured to reflect this.

How we can help

If you are unsure of any aspect of any caravan policy you are considering buying with us, please feel free to give us a call on 0800 9707 172 – we’d be delighted to help.

Our objective isn’t necessarily to find you the cheapest insurance available. Instead, it’s about outlining the options that are most cost-effective to suit your specific needs. We do this via our panel of specialist caravan insurance providers – leaving you free to cherry pick the cover that most meets your requirements.

It’s worth remembering that nobody is ever interested in the price they’ve paid for their policy in the event they need to make a claim. They want the peace of mind of knowing that what they are claiming for is covered.

We believe that considering insurance when you’re making a claim is too late. We’re here to help you find an appropriate policy, to begin with.

At Cover4Caravans, we make that comparison more manageable for you by searching and comparing quotations on your behalf.

We look to reach a balanced set of conclusions. We’ll analyse what a policy provides and omits, versus the price.

As said above, this can be a complex task, and it’s certainly time-consuming. If you lack the required expertise and/or the time to do it thoroughly, then why not let us help? You can give us a call to discuss your options, or get a free, no obligation caravan insurance quotes online.