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60+ tourer owner? Age doesn’t matter

It is a fact of life that age is sometimes an issue in some forms of insurance.

Paradoxically, this is often experienced by people in their late teens and early twenties and then again in those who pass the age of 60, 65 or 70.

What are the issues?

Older drivers

Some insurance providers may not take drivers over sixty under cover for the towing of touring caravans.

The logic behind this isn’t always entirely clear but presumably reflects some views that older drivers may be less able to manage a caravan behind the car than younger drivers.

Fortunately, this view is not universal and there are other providers who are more than willing to offer over 60’s touring caravan insurance. At Cover4Caravans we are proud to be able to offer help in such areas and to confirm that we can offer over-60 driver cover.

It is perhaps worth mentioning that towing a caravan is only one aspect of a risk profile.  In other respects, such as experience in terms of hitching and siting a touring caravan, age may be a positive advantage.

So, in terms of discounts, you may find that cover and discounts are available and over 60’s caravan insurance is perhaps far more cost-attractive than you might anticipate.

Older drivers with convictions

Of course, as you might imagine, driving convictions are an issue for insurance providers irrespective of the age of the driver concerned.

If you have penalty points on your licence, these may adversely affect your premium or any discounts that might be available to other drivers without such convictions.

Upper age limits

Some policies may, in fact, have no absolute upper age limits for towing drivers.

Providing you hold a full and legal licence, it might be possible to find you appropriate cover.


There is absolutely no need to think that your caravanning expeditions may need to come to an end simply because you are approaching 60 or 65 years of age!

With help, you may be able to find excellent cover and at a price you find to be cost-effective.