HSBC Secure ePayments

HSBC Secure ePayments online Credit and Debit card authorisation system.

Cover4Caravans use the HSBC Secure ePayments authorisation system.

If you are concerned about passing your payment details online, the new HSBC Secure ePayments system will put your mind at ease because of these features: –

  1. Once you have entered your address details at the checkout, you will be transferred to the HSBC Secure ePayments secure website to enter your payment card details. Authorisation of your transaction is decided in seconds while you are online.
  2. The HSBC Secure ePayments system also incorporates the MasterCard “MasterCard SecureCode” and Visa “Verified by Visa” security systems. When you enter your card details, a pop-up box will appear from your bank asking you for your password. If you do not enter the correct password, no authorisation will be given for your purchase, making credit card fraud virtually impossible.
  3. No one else can see your payment details, not even ourselves. We are simply instructed by HSBC that an authorisation has been approved.

If you have not already signed up for this feature but would like to, click for Visa credit card holders or for MasterCard credit card holders.

Please note: Although we believe that this system greatly improves the security of your credit cards, you are still able to order from us in the same way as before without signing up to these programmes. However, we do believe that this is a great way to protect your credit cards from fraudulent abuse.