Cover4Caravans: What is RSS?

RSS is a family of Web Feed formats used to publish frequently updated digital content.

Users of RSS content use programs called feed ‘readers’ or ‘aggregators’, you can ‘subscribe’ to a feed by supplying your feed reader a link to the feed; you can then quickly and easily check the subscribed feeds to see if there is any new and/or updated content.

Viewing our Caravan Newsfeed

To view our RSS Caravan newsfeed you first need a news reader. This is a small piece of software that simply checks your subscribed news feed for new content and then informs you when there are new articles or content for you to see.

Most people that have Windows XP now have Internet Explorer 7 which has a built in news feed reader. By clicking on the Orange RSS button in the browser bar, you can subscribe to our Caravan News Feed (see below).

Other Alternatives

You can also download third party software RSS news readers from providers such as the following. You can then cut and paste this link into your news reader ‘’.

Please note Cover4Caravans offer the software(s) listed for use at your own discretion. Cover4Caravans is not liable for any damage caused by downloading such software(s).

Feed Demon

News Gator

RSS to Email

Search Blox